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Movement at 16 weeks

Can anybody feel baby?

I think I can - especially when I lie on my back. This morning I felt as though it was a little kick on stomach when I had my hand over and I know I can feel there is something in there lol! image

I also have a bubbly feeling going on.....or is it wind! :lol:




  • 16 weeks most likely it's baby! Mine started at 15 weeks and buzzes, wriggles, flutters and tiny little jabs!

  • oh how lovely girls image I'm still waiting for mine, come on bambi, kick me hard image
  • this is my 2nd baby i felt flutters & movements from 16 weeks baby is formed as a baby at this stage so yeah lovely feeling aint it image xx
  • I'm still waiting Kirsty, I got told as I have an anterior placenta I won't feel baby for a while yet. I can't wait
  • Woohoo!!! I felt it yesterday for the first time. I was really worried I wouldn't feel anything because I don't really listen to my body (working a lot at the mo as well so no time to think about it) but every now and then I get a definate "kick" movement feeling. Can't wait until it's hard enough for hubby to feel it
  • i think i felt baby last night in bed.. i felt what can only be described as a big twitch (which didn't result in me passing wind image ..

    It's made me completely rethink what i thought were round ligament pains.

    I'm feeling sharp twinges every now and again, could that be baby?
  • Ohh the twitch was probably most definitely baby!! I don't know about the sharp twinges though.

    I've been feeling mine for a while now but like pudding, I don't really listen to my body so I don't quite realise what's happening until after a few times and I'm like 'oooh hi baby'

    hehe, I can't believe we're posting about moving babies!! image

    Ellie xxx
  • ohh that's so exciting image thanks image it's funny isn't it, i don't know when i thought i'd feel baby but i didn't have a clue it would be this early
  • It's fantastic isn't it. Makes it start to sink in slightly that there is actually a baby in there!! I've felt mine so much more today. Must be growing into a chunky one already image

    Ellie xxx
  • hmmm well since that one big twitch i've not felt anything to write home about.. think i'm having a lazy oneimage
  • Hey girls

    Haven't been on for a while just been catching up on everyone's posts.

    Im 18+5 and I still haven't felt baby move. image Can't wait to! Bump is growing now though which is exciting. I kept on saying to hubby that is was just there after I ate and then it went again but its defs there now image

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