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Almost half way eeek!!!!

Hi ladies,now 17wks and cannot believe only 3 more weeks and i'll be half way!I know some of the ladies on here already are..and others have a little longer to go but it just seems to be going so quick,anyone else think so?This is my 2nd pregnancy so maybe thats why.I've started feeling lots of movement of baby now too which is so nice,wont be long till there proper kicks which im looking forward to as then oh can feel more


  • I'm still in shock that we're half way there! The thought that scares me the most is that if the second half goes as quick as the first then baby is going to be here before we know it. image As excited I am about having baby I just feel so unprepared! AARGH, half way imageimage

    I think that maybe the reason for half way there already is down to me having my little girl. My whole day revolves around her, playing with her, feeding her, cleaning up at her hehe. That it's only at night when I get time to myself that I sit there and think 'another day gone already!'

    And only 150 days to go! Crazy quick is how I describe this pregnancy.

    Wow, HALF WAY THERE!!!!!

    Ellie xx

  • Ellie_and_L thats exactly like me,first time round with dd it went alot slower as i had more time on my hands and it was all so new.Whereas now my dd keeps me busy all day only at night like you said once i've put her to bed that i get a few hours to myself & think wow im this far already! Im excited & glad in a way as obviously cant wait to meet baby but then a part of me thinks i'll prob miss being pregnant lol!I've got my 20wk scan in about 3 weeks and am hoping to find out the sex so once i know i'll start trying to get organised eek!So glad theyl be here for christmas too image xx
  • I don't really feel pregnant this time around either. It feels really surreal! I think when I know the sex it will start to sink in that I am actually pregnant! I know I'm going to miss being pregnant too. I think we've decided that this second baby is our last!

    Christmas is going to be FAB this year! I love the fact we'll have little ones. I was talking to OH the other day about it. How we'll probably be waking our daughter up this year with excitement. One of us will be helping our daughter open her presents whilst the other is feeding the new baby! So exciting.

    Ellie xx
  • Same as me i dont feel pregnant & i often remind myself and then it puts a big smile on my face!I know i dont want anymore for a while after this one but will never say never just counting the days now untill the scan & am dying to know the sex im soo impatient!Yes christmas will be extra special this year,i said that to oh our little family will be complete image i think we'r planning on having a quiet one with just the four of us christmas day as usually have lots of family round but cant be bothered this year as we'l prob be tired too!xx
  • I know what you mean! I can't quite believe we're half way there! Eeek!!!

    And I also still end up forgetting I'm pregnant!!! A lot of the time I feel pretty good - then I catch myself in the mirror or bubba gives me a poke or wiggle and I think 'oh yeah! Pregnant!' :lol:

  • I too can't believe how mega fast it's going! But like u girls say when you've already got a little one, the days just fly by! My little boy is fab and I love playing with him etc, but come bedtime I'm a gonna! Got my 20wk scan next wednesday and I'm very eager to find out the sex, so hoping for no crossed legs! Christmas is goin to be amazing, think I best start Xmas shopping early that way I'm not fighting to get round shops with a pram and 3yr old! Hope everyone is well image xx
  • This christmas is the first christmas I won't be having dinner with my mum. We're going to OH's mums this year. I'm really looking forward to it. We spend my daughters first christmas with my mum, so have decided to balance it out, and keep OH's mum included we would spend this little bambini's first christmas with her.

    We've got the park hamper ordered and lots of vouchers, so I know I won't need to panic come christmas time. Everything feels like it's sorted already. I can give OH a shopping list of what to get and where from and sit at home with bubba image

    I love when I'm walking and suddenly get a glimpse of my bump, I always think 'oooh, what are you doing there' hehe.

    Ellie xxx
  • Hiya ladies, I took my little girl swimming today and it's the first time in months I've had a swimmy costume on - it was soooo funny to look down and just see this round beach ball of a tummy. It's flying past so quickly, I think by sept we'll be arranging Christmas things as i don't want to be too hectic. We're just staying at home this year by our selves and keeping it as easy as possible.

    We're still debating whether or not we'll need a double buggy. So much to do!!
  • Yeh think we're gonna be the same, and just spend this Xmas on our own with a little ones! Can't be doing with packing the whole house up and visiting people! They can come to us this year! My little boy will be 3 and a half so I was thinking of getting a buggy board for when I'm on my own with the two of them. But dont know if there is one that's compatible with the Quinny buzz.
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