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Gender scan Saturday.

As the subject says gender scan on Saturday at 9.30am Can't wait. Convinced it's a boy although most people are guessing girl. Would be seriously in shock if they said girl image. Just Can't wait to know. Will keep you all updated. image


  • Oooh exciting times! Eeek can't wait to hear image xx
  • I'll be keeping my eye on you as I believe in mother's instincts image Enjoy !
  • Kristy, I totally believed in mothers instinct, but Redhead had her scan yesterday and was utterly convinced it was a little boy. She found out she's expecting a little girl!! image xx
  • Im sure she thought it was a girl at the start though, so maybe it's your very first instincts. My instinct was boy and has changed to girl so will be interesting to see.
  • Eeeh very exciting we are finding out what we are all having now. Very excited, will update on here as soon as I get back on Saturday image
  • Yeah Mummymb, she thought girl at first. My first instincts on this baby were boy. Now I'm 95% sure it's a girl. Will definitely be interesting image

    Ellie xx
  • Had my scan yesterday morning and I was right image I am having a little boy.image Cant wait to find out what everyone else is having. Eeeeh only 5 months to go image. Just wish my house would hurry up and get some viewings so we can move before then.
  • Replied on your other thread, Zanymum, but I'll say it again - CONGRATULATIONS! Your instincts were right!!!

    MummyMB you're absolutely right - from 3 months onwards, my instincts were crying out at me that it was a girl. But in the three weeks leading up to my 20 week scan, I became more and more convinced it was a boy...

    Maybe we've got a little tomboy on our hands! :lol:

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