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Bit gutted

I feel like such a bad mummy to be I had my 20 week scan today and everything went good with scan and we even managed to find out the sex, this is when it went downhill I already have a boy a really wanted a girl but yes I am having another boy I know I will be ok once it sinks in but I feel so bad feeling like this I am so down right now

I just need slapped coz I know I should be so grateful that I am pregnant with a healthy boy


  • Oh Donald, first of all. I didn't know it was your scan today too sweet. I would of done a good luck post for you too.

    Second, it's natural to feel a bit gutted about it. You had your heart set on having a little girl. I think every mother (or most) wants a little girl. Especially when they already have a boy. Don't feel guilty. You still love the baby, and once he arrives you'll love him sooo much you won't care that he isn't a girl.

    It's probably just going to take a while for it to sink in. Hope you're ok sweet.

    Ellie xx
  • ahh hun it must be difficult when you psych yourself up for one and find out it's another. You're not a bad mum, you know you're going to love your baby when he's here.
  • First of all, didn't realise you were having your scan today - glad that everything went smoothly and little bubba was fine.

    Second of all, please don't feel bad about feeling this way. I know exactly what you mean - we would have been very happy to have a boy but we both reaaaaaaaally wanted a girl. It's perfectly natural that you have a leaning, especially when you already have a little boy. You're a fantastic mum already, and you'll be even better when you're looking after your boys.

  • please don't beat yourself over it.....your hormones are up and down, naturally, and you will be feeling all over the what wouldn't normally be a big deal gets 100 times worse in pregnancy, you know it! You feel how you feel, I'm sure you love this baby the same, it's just the idea of having anohter boy you need to get used to!!
  • I can totally sympathise. We plan on finding out on Monday and i'm really worried that I won't be able to react positively if they say it is another boy. What everyone else has said is right, obviously we will still love our babies so much when they are here, but it's hard when you get your hopes up. I don't really know what to suggest to make you feel better because I haven't had mine yet eek!
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