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Nub theory,any guesses?

Hi ladies,this is my scan pic from 12weeks..i have my 20wk scan in less than 2 weeks now and cannot wait!I've heard about this nub theory but dont really understand it & wondered if anyone could see from my pic what they think thes sex of my baby is,im sooo desperate to know lol!


  • ooooooooo I'm no good at nub theory but I'm going to lay down my guess as boy! So exciting finding out, can't wait to hear.
  • Hi greesh, am gate crashing and guessing GIRL!!

    I think the nub is quite straight and thats what makes me think girl.

    There is a good nub theory website somewhere...

    I posted my scan photo on this forum and lots of people voted on it and 99% said girl and they were right. I'll try and find a link to mine and see if you can compare...

  • Found it...

    Its so exciting to find out the gender!!! And I loved this whole nub theory thing!! x
  • I am betting........a boy! At least that's my first impression! Can't wait to find out image
  • Ooo i soo cant wait,my scan is 4th July so will be on to let everyone know as soon as i know!I really dont know what i think,oh thinks its a boy but then i dont know if he's just saying that as i know he would love a little boy as we already have a dd.I'll be happy whatever aslong as its healthy but would be lovely to have a boy & thatd be one of each image thanks MrsSP73 i'll have a look intrigued image xx
  • MrsSP73,forgot to ask once im on the website which forum do i post in?Xx
  • Greesh, my guess is GIRL image

    Did you post it on the website? What has everyone else guessed?

    Ellie xxx
  • Hi greesh, I think if you follow the link i've posted it takes you to the forum I posted in... let me know if its not obvious.

    Good luck!! xx
  • More people are saying girl then than boy...sooo cant wait to find out!I posted on that site but only two people have replied and they both just said cant see any clues in this pic?But i can see the nub just not sure how it works on whether its boy or girl so thought people on there would of had answers for me..but nobody yet..xx
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