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eeeek - hormones..

ok so i'm not normally affected by hormones.. in fact i've been on the copper coil so i've pretty much not had them for years which has been lovely but also lulled me into a false sense of self.

I had a MASSIVE rush of hormones today and burst into tears in the office (because - get this .. - i thought my friend was ignoring me)...

I'm a rational, sane person but these hormones are totally getting to me.. twice in two days now i've burst into tears.. I can't remember the last time i cried..

Is anyone else suffering badly with hormones at the moment?


  • well I cried at a news story on the radio this morning about people dropping litter so I'm saying yes.

    what's even stranger it followed a story about 'safe standing' at football grounds where they were interviewing a woman whose son dies in the Hillsborough disaster and I was fine listening to that even though she was clearly very close to tears.
  • Hiya hun,im the same!I find my eyes filling up at the littlest of things,iv had days where i just sit and cry for no real reason and then other times im laughing my head off but i just put it down to hormones either that or im going mad lol xx
  • omg it's terrible isn't it? Yes I'm trying to laugh it off at work like "omg what an mental hormone basket" lol image

    I can sympathise Claire!!
  • @ Greesh00 yep am in hysterics sometimes too image
  • Yep, definately suffering. Poor Hubby is a bit scared I think! I'm a PA and cope really well with stress and deadlines. Well yesterday I ended up leaving work early and going home for a sleep, woke up and then cried on and off for two hours becuase I was so stressed and couldn't see a way out of it and then worried people would think I was using pregnancy as an excuse. Hubby come home and said something about the weather to try and make small talk that wouldn't end in tears!! Fingers crossed it's just a phase and doesn't last too long. xx
  • oh no Pudding!! i'm not the only one..

    Yeah i totally understand.. i was just lucky i wasn't in a meeting at the time.. my boss has been peering over my pc all afternoon, loking like he wants to say something but not..

    I hope it doesn't last too long too x
  • in a odd way I'm glad I'm not the only one. I don't want others feeling hormonal like this but it's nice not to be alone.

    I am slightly concerned about giving a talk at a conference next week I always get very stressed by them, and I'm worried about breaking down in front of a bunch of mathematicians if its going badly.
  • I know what you mean Claire.. it's a relief to know that it's not just me and it is probably (almost definitely) baby related.. i've been googling hormone surges at 20 ish weeks and i can't se anything specific.. but hey it's not a strict science is it..

    Can you do any sort of yoga before hand Claire?

    Try and relax that way? I'm going to start doing my pregnancy yoga DVD i think it's gotta help.
  • I'm not sure I' think I'm first in the session straight after coffee so I might be able to sneak off unless its one of the times I'm down to be a computer support person. It's a local conference so all post-docs are expected to help out and as my contract includes duties the head of department requests I can't get out of it.

    I have already refused to help on monday (scan day!) and friday afternoon (I'm at the dentist) so I've used up any leaway.
  • let me join in, my hormones have been up and down, in fact posted on FB on Tuesday that I didnt' know what to do with myself anymore!!! Seems better now, luckily for the weekend image
  • Ahh Clare that sounds stressful image .. i've put my foot down and told my boss i will need him to be flexible with me (he's a bit scared of me i think LOL)...

    Kirsty that's good.. yeah mine seem to have settled in time for the weekend too.. thank god!
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