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Our 20 week scan story

Well we did think at one point in time we weren't getting a scan this afternoon, the consultant had been moved so that she was on call in the labour ward and her list was meant to be cancelled. As it hadn't been she came down but warned us that if she got a call from them she had to go immediately, which is fine my me I can see that someone in labour's needs were much more pressing than my own, but we got through the scan un-interrupted if not a bit delayed.

She went through checking each organ, bubs was head down lying on their front for most of it so we got a good back view and very handily rolled over when I emptied my bladder so we got a front view. They were being awkward though waving their hands in the way of every measurement she was taking but we got great views of of them, they even had the consultant laughing when they had their legs crossed at the ankles something she'd told me off ealier for doing and hubs was doing at that precise moment in time.

Anyway the important bit bubs is measuring spot on and she can find no defects whatsoever, so the chances are no pataus or anything else and we have one healthy little buba. Obviously they can't be completley certain form a scan, but if it was pataus most don't get to 20 weeks and in nearly all cases it shows on the scan so I am extreamly happy. By the end of the scan they'd stopped being quite so coy and she's fairly sure it's a little boy, she says she won't be held responsible if it's not, his positioning wasn't great I wouldn't have been able to tell you from the image on the screen but from experience thats what she thinks.

The pic we've got isn't good, I'll put it up but I can't quite work it out myself, so any guesses greafully received.


  • so glad your scan went well and baby seems fine and healthy,what a relief that must be for you.not sure which bit is which on the picture but youll probably look at it that much youll have it figured out soon!lol.x image
  • Hi G/C as I saw this on the home page. I have a pic exactly like this from my 20 week scan when pg with DD and it is a pic of the face, side on so almost like bubs is laying down with his face out, top of his head being on the left of the pic.

    I may be wrong tho lol!
  • thanks Phoebe's Mummy that's what I was wondering about, but hubs wasn't convinced. She did spend a while showing us his face, but she printed off the piccies and gave them to hubby while I was in the loo so I didn't get to ask and he didn't think to.
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