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Things to buy

Well I'm trying to get organised especially as I'm having severe baby brain (always thought it was a myth but alas it has struck me). I've made a list of ESSENTIALS to buy for baby. Can you please let me know if you can think of anything else I need to buy. I'll be bottle feeding

Moses basket





Sleeping bag



Black out blind



Nappy Bags

Changing mat

Cotton wool

Nappy cream

Bath seat/chair

Bath set (lotions/oil)



Grooming set




Bottle warmer



Muslin Squares

Pushchair/car seat

Changing bag

Bouncer chair

Play/actvity mat

I still have no idea what I'll need for me after the birth. Any help would be appreciated! image


  • G/C from DIS but for baby you'll also need a pack of vests, a pack of babygrows/sleepsuits and a cardigan/coat for after the birth and travel home.

    For yourself you'll be wanting a wash bag for hospital (you'll want to freshen up after birth), hairbands for keeping hair of face during labour, lipbalm for dry lips during labour, some basic food and drink for yourself and birthing partner during/post labour (you have no idea how long labour will last or how long after birth it'll be before you're fed), breast pads, maternity towels, nightdresses (one for delivery and one to change into after the birth, nightdress is more comfy of you end up with stitches), disposable or big cheap knickers (again you ideally want bridget jones style for comfort if you need stitches).
  • Thanks Kazzie, completely forgot about clothes and me!! hehehe. Will add it to the list
  • You'll also want a nice loose fitting outfit for going home in as you'll have a deflated bump for a while post birth. You'll want to feel good and look it too.
  • maybe some breast pads, definate for breast feeders not sure about bottle feeders.
  • You might want to also buy some of the medicine type things. Some calpol, gripe water and also some metanium for nappy rash maybe? image

    Will have to comment again if I think of anything else.
  • hi, id definitely get a dark coloured towel too hun if u havent got one. when i had my ds i was stiched and bundled off to the shower within an hour! also u may need some scratch mitts (or i bought baby grows from next for in hospital as they have fold back mits which were fab as ds couldnt pull them off). i'll add more if i think of anything x
  • Definitely breast pads for breast or bottle!!

    Also, a definite for a dark towel and dark PJ's. I never took dark PJ's with my first, and the midwife looked at me and said 'no, you need to change out of them and put your dark ones on!' I was like erm...these are all I brought. She just told me to make sure I wear my dressing gown over them as she doesn't want to see any blood patches where I would of leaked! I never leaked. But at that point of time I felt silly, and couldn't believe I didn't buy dark ones. In hind sight it seems very logical but beforehand, I just wanted some I thought were pretty!

    Also, an outfit home, I wore my PJ's. I'd been in them all day, as they were comfier than any outfit would of been, so didn't see the point of getting changed into something else only to put my PJ's on again at home.

    Personally, I'd also say Savlon to put in the bath if you've had stitches. I had a really bad 2nd/3rd degree tear but healed so well and so quickly. I had two baths per day, and one straight after a number 2 with a drop of Savlon and everything felt normal and well after a few days. The health visitor couldn't believe how well I was.

    I'll most certainly think of more things! I'll keep adding when I do x
  • Brilliant list, there were so many items I missed off my list!

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