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Is it too early for baby's head to be engaging?

This is my first and although I've been suffering from a bit of SPD this is a totally different feeling. It's like something is going to shoot out of my nether regions! It stops me in my tracks. Just wondering if this feeling is baby's head engaging or if it's too early? Any help would be great. I've got my next midwife appointment on the 30th. xx


  • Nope it's most certainly not too early at all image could be that you've got a very good little bambino in there who's gearing up to meet mummy! It's especially common in first pregnancies that they engage early.

    Unfortunately though, it's not a sign that they will come early or late! Some babies engage really early but make mummy wait till induced image

    Yay for your very good engaging baby!

    Ellie xxx
  • Thanks Ellie! Hope you're well?

    Pain is continuing so I'm assuming it's baby getting ready and engaging.....although I still refuse to waddle!! hahahaha I keep saying to hubby "am I walking normally?" :lol:
  • I've been getting the same sensation since Sunday (on the same day, my mum and my nan commented that my bump was looking lower). Feels like there's a heavy pressure down there! At first, I thought it might be constipation (sorry, TMI) but everything's fine on that front. Will be interesting to see what the midwife reckons on Tuesday! image xx
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