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'Clearout' Before Labour

Hi ladies. Just wondered if anyone has experienced or heard of anyone having a 'clearout of their bowels' (sorry tmi!!) before labour? x


  • g/c but YES this happens and u know about it if it does! i think anything else i typed now would definitely be TMI!!!
  • Ha ha that made me chuckle! Just out of interest, did it happen over a serious of days, or just the day you went into labour? Thanks! x
  • This happened to me with my first as soon as I went into labour. I'd rather it happened then at home then when I'm pushing the baby out!
  • oh yes! i had my clear out at midnight and it broke my waters it was that strong lol

    had her 8 hrs later.
  • I'll be interested to see what people respond, I've spent most of the morning in the bathroom, it's very different to pregnancy up till now when I've had to resort to drinking prune juice to stayeven vaguely regular. I've not even had any of that for a few weeks.
  • when i had my ds, my contractions started about 8pm, i had my 'clearout' about 11pm, lost my plug about 11:30pm, my waters went at midnight and my ds arrived at 04:30 am. x ps this was my first so i had a quick labour for a first timer x
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