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Update from me. :)

Had another midwife appointment today. Measuring 37 weeks, 4 days bigger than dates. Baby is 3/5ths engaged. No sign of any abnormalities in urine so last week must have been a blip. And Iron levels have gone up considerably. Also midwife said my bump is all baby and that he was going to be sturdy? He is lying head down in the middle and she said he needs to choose a side lol image

Have a feeling he may not be early after all image 3 more weeks to go, feels like forever. How are you ladies doing?


  • 'Sturdy'! Can only be a good thing. Time feels like it's slowed to a standstill! I'm working on being 2 weeks overdue so it's going to feel like a year before I get there.
  • sturdy definitely sounds good, like squeezed time seems to have stopped here too. My last week at work last week dragged this week at homes not much better, I'm also working on being 2 weeks over due, though hubs was convinced he'd be here by now so I think he's feeling time drag even more, he says he feels like his life is on hold just waiting.

    I'm seeing the midwife today for my 38 week check so we'll see what he's up to, my guess head down with his back to my right, he was at my 20 week scan and has been ever since. Quite often when I look at my bump it's larger on my right hand side. The question is will he be engaged or still free.
  • I couldn't agree more, I feel in total limbo, like time is standing still!!!!! I laugh when I hear people saying "christmas is round the corner", I'm thinking, I feel like my due date is AGES away
  • Tell me about it Kristy, If you don't mind me asking Clalee and Squeeze why do you want to be 2 weeks overdue? Is it so the babies are bigger? It is just the first time I have heard this image
  • I don't want to be two weeks over I'd love for him to turn up tomorrow (well maybe Sunday, hubs is out tomorrow) but I just can't see it happening. If I gear myself up for having to wait till he's 2 weeks over hopefully the wait won't seem as bad and his due date won't be quite so anti-climactic.

    I had my 38 week check yesterday (at 38+3) bubs is lower he's resting on my pelvis but not engaged. They called the registrar in to talk about what happens now, given all the tests (that we let them do) and that the scan show no sign of pataus they're going to let me labour like a normal low risk person, but they certainly won't let me go more than 10 days overdue without inducing, there will be no leeway there regardless of how busy they are. He did say that they might be able to do a sweep next week if he's engaged, since I'll be 39+3 so practically at my due date but if he's not engaged they wouldn't risk it just in case they ruptured the waters, though he did quickly say but you'd be in hospital anyway so if they did there'd be no big problem that couldn't be easily dealt with. They will perform a sweep the following week at 40+3 if he's not turned up to try to avoid inducing a week later.
  • Oh right, So if not before it may get him going after the appointment. Can't believe we will all have our babies soon image. I had a feeling I would be early now not so sure seem to be having a clear-out sorry for the tmi, but baby still moving loads so no idea when he is planning to make his grand entrance?
  • I've always felt that our little boy as going to be late, all our family had him turning up early though. He's fast running out of time to do that. Ah who knows it's not going to be long for any of us now, I can't wait for those first cuddles now.
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