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Membrane sweep next week..nerves!!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm having one of these next Tuesday at the midwifes office(I will be 39 weeks) just wondering if anyone else has/or will be going through the same thing? Bit nervous :roll: She think it's for the best as I'm so uncomfortable with SPD and the little chap is measuring ahead again.

Thanks Em x


  • I've never had one but I'm booked in for one next thursday if bubs hasn't arrived by then I'll be 40+3. My sister had one with one of hers and labour started 3 hours later
  • Thanks guys, can't believe we are all going through same thing this week. Raviolig, how are you coping with your spd? I wouldn't wish it on anyone..been sitting down on the sofa this evening and when I got up to make a drink I literally doubled over with pain, like a stabbing right in the pubic area. And sleeping is a nightmare, turning over or just shuffling back into a sitting position makes me squeak out noises I didnt know I was capable of image

    Ive been having contractions all day, some painful and in lower back some not, baby is jiggling about which doesn't help so maybe labour will begin before the sweep?? Clalee, I didn't realise labour could start that quick after a sweep, fingers crossed for you too. Hopefully this time next weekend we could have our little bundles xx
  • After a week of having 'contractions' (at the time I thought they were the start of labour, looking back, they were not!!) and lots of aches and pains my midwife did a sweep and discovered I was already 2cm dialated! I had been in slow labour and the sweep really kicked things off - 24 hours later I was in labour! I cant recomend sweeps highly enough, I would have probably spent another week in slow labour if I hadnt had mine. You just have to remember (the midwife told me thisimage sweeps only work if you have started to dialate, if you cervix is high and closed it wont becuase they cant get to the membranes. Good luck xx
  • forgot to add, it isnt painful. Uncomfortable, but thats all x
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