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Update :)

Hi ladies,how are you all feeling?I had mw appt today (38+4) and baby is engaged so thats good,she also did a sweep as im due to be induced monday anyway.She said theres not much going on there though?So dont know if itl actually do anything,hope so though!She also said i am 1 cm dilated but she said this is common with 2nd time mums,anyway thought i would update you all!Hope your all getting on ok cant believe we'll all be meeting our babies soon its so exciting image xx


  • good luck Greesh,

    Our little boys due on monday they've booked me in for a sweep next thursday just in case he still hasn't shown. He did finally start to engage this last week, so I guess that's a start.
  • Thanks image hopefully your lo comes before thursday for you,or atleast doesnt have you waiting too long!Ive been loosing my mucus plug since yesterday so the sweep has obviously done something,might make things easier for monday..cant see me going into labour before then.Good luck to you anyway hope all goes well,i'll try and come on next week and let you know once he's here!xx
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