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Due date today

So,today is my due date and yesterday I went in for my sweep but was told that although my cervix is now soft it's still too high to attempt a membrane sweep as they didn't want to hurt me (though it was pretty ouchy to say the least, nerves and bad spd don't help!)

I've been told to rest up as much as I can as keep getting contractions and discharge (tmi sorry)..some painful, some not so and a tremendous amount of pressure in cervix.

Anyone else at that stage where you just want to really go into labour and feeling all emotional and bloated??

PS Started leaking milk last night which actually made me feel quite chuffed :lol:

Em 40 weeks xx


  • Ooh any news hun? xx
  • I know how you feel, I was given a sweep yesterday at 40+3 even though my cervix is high ( it is soft though). I've only got mild spd though it only turned up once he engaged though. I'm not getting any contractions though, that sounds very promising for you.

    Good luck.
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