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Evan Henry Lewis

As the title says Ive had my little chap born Nov 19 weighing 6lbs 6oz. It's still all a bit of a blur as my intended birth plan of tens/waterbirth didn't quite go as intended. Ended up with severe contractions after waters went at 3am, diamorphine and away with the fairies by 9am..epidural at 11pm which felt so good and then baby started messing with his cord so endured an hour of having a fetal screening..2 surgeons rushed in trying to obtain a biopsy from baby's head when he was still only at 5cm (midwife held my led at nearly 90 degrees for 45 mins) they eventually obtained a sample and apologised only to find that the machine they use to test the baby's PH levels had broken..the senior surgeon ran back in saying we need the baby out now.

No time to panic as from delivery room to birth was just 12 minutes!

We stayed in hospital 5 days due to Evan getting jaundice and having some phototherapy but home now all ok apart from my scar causing me a lot of pain and the cuts on his head from the fetal testing attempts ..but how worth it are they??

Best of luck to everyone in the 'holding bay'as it really is the best feeling in the world and we should all be so proud of ourselves.

Em xx


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