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a bit worried

Hi everyone I'm a bit worried and not sure if I should be? Last Wed I got pregnant, 2-3 on CBD, yesterday I did another 1 and it said the same. Do you think it should be saying 3+ by now? I know I should probably step away from the tests but this has got me worried. Got the Dr on Mon but that seems a lifetime away. I've also been getting mild period type cramps everyday and this morning driving to work got I quite a sharp pain - it only lasted a second, but still....Dont remember this happening with my other pregnancies. Hope everyone is well.



  • Step away from the tests - those indicators depend on the time of day, how much water you've had. Sooo many things. Try not to do any more as it will only cause you worry.

    I am getting weird period pains and it also feels like someone is pinching my ovaries. Not nice. I think it's everything shifting around inside.

    Can you bring your appointment forward?

    PP X
  • Hey Autumn

    You could do a test tomorrow and it might say 3+ weeks, as Pod said the test depend on s many things. I wouldn'#t do any more then main thing is that you are pregnant!

    As for the cramps if it makes you feel any better I am just over 6 weeks pregnant and have been getting them on and off for two weeks now, probably worse at night and sometimes like a stich sensation. My husabnd reminded me that this was exactly what I got with my first pregnancy (had a healthy baby girl 2 weeks over due) and it's because the baby is attaching itself to your body and burrowing in.

    Remember also that despite the baby being so tiny, everything will be stretching and making room for what's to come. It's also very common to feel period like pains for the first three months, often when your period is due. Any worries just call your midwife especially if the pain gets worst. I would imagine that it's all very good sings of the baby settling in well x
  • G/C but I went through this too and all was well. When I went to the doctors at 5+ weeks to tell her about my pregnancy I mentioned that I had done a CBD and she told me not to be tempted to do another one because the week predictor is not accurate and can give different results depending on how dilute my pee was. She said many women ended up scaring themselves silly because they get a result that is 3+ and then take another one and it might say 1-2 and they worry they are having a miscarriage.

    I also had the really sharp pains - it was trapped wind caused by the pregnancy hormones pushing on my ovaries and causing the pain. I didn't have any morning sickness, just cramps, an every month when my period was due I almost felt like AF was about to start. I was really worried about my lack of symptoms especially as my SIL was pregnant at the same time and had terrible morning sickness and everyone kept telling her that morning sickness meant that the baby was strong. However, I now have a healthy 7 month old daughter. Try not to worry, every woman's body handles pregnancy differently xx
  • Thank you for your replies ladies, I do feel a bit better now. I always test using FMU but I suppose it could just be all the hormones settling down. I have actually ordered another CBD from Ebay, but I promise this will be the last!! I think I'm just extra worried as with my wee girl I had such a straightforward pregnancy, no symptoms at all, then I had a mc so feeling a tad worried which I know is the worst thing I can do. Got an early scan booked for the 26th, really dont know how I will survive til then, just got to keep myself busy I suppose.
  • Defo make this your last test hun you will drive yourself mad otherwise! I am getting the cramps, really painful last night they woke me from my sleep. It seems we're all getting them so guess they must be normal. Try not to worry though I know it's easier said than done! xx
  • Autumn, I had a similar problem with taking too many tests! I think I wrote somewhere else on this forum about it!

    I took a CBD and it said 1-2 weeks, but then the next day I took a clearblue non-digital one, and it went positive quickly (very very faint) but then disapeared really quickly showing a negative! I was so worried that I was about to MC or something. But I went out and bought another CBD and took it first thing in the morning, and it said 'pregnant 2-3 weeks'. So all was fine. However, the ladies on this forum said the same to me... step away from the tests!

    I've decided to not take anymore tests now. I have heard so many people say how the hormone levels fluctuate depending on what you've drank/eaten, what time of the day it is, how recently you last peed! Also, I did read that the conception indicater on CBD is not as accurate as the part that tells you whether you are pregnant or not. I think the pregnant/not pregnant bit if over 99% accurate, but the conception indicator is a lot less accurate.

    Don't worry anymore, i'm sure it will all be fine!
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