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Had a scan today


Sorry I haven't been around - a combination of terrible morning sickness and being very busy. Not a good combo.

So pleased to see all the positive scan results on the November threads.

I just wanted to let you all know that I had my rescan today and I finally have an EDD. It is the 30th October!! I am 8+2. Way ahead of the 7 and a bit weeks we thought.

I will carry on hanging around November if you don't mind, I am on the midwife's November list as she thinks I will probably be in November.

Mr P and I are off to have a celebratory lunch (I am in my window of non-nausea so I'd better take advantage of it before the evening sickness kicks in).

Loads of love,



  • Fantastic news PP and I am so glad you will stick with the DIN gang! I bet you are so happy, enjoy your lunch in your window of non-nausea (god I love those moments!)

  • Great news hun, enjoy your lunch.

  • Fab news hun and yey for a edd imageYes please stick with us in nov image enjoy your lunch. X x x
  • Fabulous news image
  • Congratulations on the scan hun you must be over the moon. X
  • Yay for the 8 week scans! Did you see a little heartbeat? xx
  • Thanks everyone and DIA ladies! Yup a nice strong, fast heart beat - 162 well within the normal range. We could see the head and its arm and leg buds - suprisingly detailed. Mr P is obsessed with looking at the pictures, despite the fact it does look like a collection of blobs!

    Roll on the second trimester!!!

    PP X
  • Sorry Hun only just seen this... Congratulations it's amazing!!! I had mine yesterday at 9 weeks was so lovely to see all was ok.... Hubby had the biggest smile I ever saw yesterday image I think we have the same edd!!!! Congratulations again... I get another scan on the 11th of April x
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