Can i join you? DIN with no2 :)

can I join you tentatively? I got my BFP this morning and think I due end of Nov image Im 34 and have a 21 month old daughter x


  • Yippee hun, congratulations again! So pleased for you xx
  • Yey Devon mummy joining us over here, congrats again Hun. X x x
  • Hey! Welcome and congrats hon. I'm 32 and already have a 20 month old son. Looking forward to getting to know you xx
  • Welcome and congrats.

    I'm 29 and have a 10 month old daughter.

    Heres to a happy 9 months (well at least until 34 weeks plus when we're all going to feel as big as a house- lol)

  • thanks guys. i think Im actually more anxious this time round as i had a scare at ten weeks with dd ( turned out to be a hemorrhage possibly unrelated to the pregnancy) so really want to get to 12 weeks so i can relax a bit. also worried about how dd is going to react to having a younger brother or sister!
  • hey hun, welcome to DIN!

    I'm 28 and have a 16 1/2 month old son xx

    I'm more anxious this time round, I think it's more because I know I can't 'rest' as much and I'm worrying over everything, but suppose that's normal!

    Where are you due my lovely?? xxx
  • Hi congratulations! I know what you mean im going to be wishing the next few weeks away too the first trimester is horribly tense sometimes! Good luck
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