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Booking Appointment.

when are you having yours?

I think we have ours at 8 weeks? not sure, with my DS we had ours at 6 weeks as we thought going by my lmp I was about 9-11 weeks! but not sure what the standard drill is xxxx

p.s. feeling sick!!! hurray xxx


  • I had mine last week at 7+4. I think they aim to see you by 8 weeks xx
  • that's lovely! thanks hunny, will call and just check with her then, i'd love to get an appointment date so i can count down! lol xx
  • I think ours was about 7 weeks with dd, haven't heard anything this time but think I should soon image x x
  • Mine is 10th April, when I will be 1 day off 10 weeks! That seems late compared to all you ladies!
  • By the way- do they give you any indication that everything is ok at the booking app? I'm finding it so hard not knowing! Just wondering if they do anything there. If not, after booking app it's only another 2 weeks til 12 week scan. The waiting is horrible! Anyone else finding these weeks very slow?!
  • Midwife has just rung Shes coming to see me next Tuesday image I'll be 7+1 x x x
  • Issybell I hope you get your appointment soon, it really helps to make things seem a bit more real iykwim!

    Jessiepud yay for your appointment!

    MoJacobs that does seem later than the rest of us, I wonder if there are just a lot of pg ladies in your area keeping them busy! They didnt really give me any indication about how the baby is doing, the checks were more about me - blood pressure, urine tests and blood tests. I will have my first scan at 12+2 so I guess that will be when I get any sort of clue as to how the bean is doing. it feels so far away! Every day I check the calendar even though I know I am only one day closer!

  • Mine is the 19th April when I'll be 9 + 1 xx
  • Don't worry mine is even later and is 27th April when I'll be 10+6 and I've been told that its just because there is just so many pregnant women at the mo and my doctors surgery. It was a the same with my first (I didn't get my booking in appointment until 11+6 then I had my scan 3 days later).

    The booking in appointment is just lots and lots of questions, form filling and taking blood and urine samples so not really exciting but they do generally sort out your 12 week scan at this appointment but as mine is so late my midwife has called me both times to go through the scan info and I verbally agreed and she sent the paperwork off.

    MoJacobs I would give your midwife a call to make sure she gets your scan paperwork to your local hospital so you don't have to wait even longer for your scan
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