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Slight work issue?

Hi ladies, I'm a bit annoyed and I know theres nothing I can really do about it but just wanted to see if you think I'm over reacting or would you be annoyed too? Basically, I had an email from my line manager this morning wanting appointment cards for my hospital appointments this week. Now, I hadnt actually told her that I had any hosp apps this week, my scan on monday was down as a personal appointment and my booking yesterday I said was a Dr appointment. I emailed her back and said that as these werent hospital appointments (a bit of a white lie, I know), I had no cards, she appologised and said she had made a mistake, but I'm annoyed cos she has clearly assumed I'm pg again following my mc in Dec (doesnt take a genius to realise I would be trying again)even though I havent said anything and wont until at least 12 weeks. I just feel like it's an invasion of my privacy and I'm being scrutinised but theres no way I'm ready to tell anyone yet - not even family let alone work. Do you think I'm over reacting and should just get over it or would you be a bit annoyed too? Please tell me it's just hormones lol!

Sorry for the long post, but I needed a moan!


  • g/c from front page.

    Does you work have a policy that they ask you for appointment cards for all appointments or has your boss just jumped to conclusions?

    Quite simply your under no obligation to tell anyone just yet and your boss shouldnt be making assumptions. Whilst she may have her suspicions it really isnt her place. I think you have corrected her so to avoid stressing yourself out over further confrontation I would leave it there unless something more happened. She did apologise I suppose - is there any way she may have been trying to 'help'. Would she reduce workload or anything if she knew?

    Main thing is your not stressed and stay as relaxed as possible hun x x
  • Thanks blue, I think she just majorly jumped to conclusions as unfortunately I had to tell her about the mc as I was signed off after being admitted as a hospital emergency. There is no policy for producing appointment cards at any other time and I didnt have to do it when I was pg with my daughter although I did have a different line manager then. I checked our maternity policy and all it says is I MAY be asked to produce proof of appointments, but its not compulsory. Hopefully now thats it until my 12 wk scan in about a months time so with any luck she will back off and leave me in peace! For my 12 wk scan I'll just take leave so providing all is well I ccan tell her after that.

    Anyways, how are you doing?
  • Im not to bad at the min thanks. approaching ovulation prob tomorrow so am trying to bd wherever possible. Am hoping for a christmas pud. I know some people dont want a december born bubs because its so close to christmas but I really dont care. I started reflexology 2 weeks ago as the ttc stress has been cuasing massive arguments with DH. I am starting to feel better than I was so fingers crossed it goes well this month.

    when is your next scan ?? you will have to post a pic. So glad your first scan went well. whats your due date going to be? xx
  • Good luck hun, I hope you get your BFP this month, I'll be keeping everything crossed for you. IMO a Xmas baby is as fabulous as any other time of the year - just think of all the REALLY cute snowsuits you can buy lol! I know where you are coming from about your OH, me and mine had a HUGE argument the month I got my BFP and it was awful, I just dont think they get sometimes how totally consuming this TTC thing can be. Hope the reflexology helps, I will be keeping a look out for your BFP!!

    Havent got a date for my scan yet, I'm hoping it will be sooner rather than later but our local hospital is down to 2 sonographers so they are running a bit behind I think. My due date is the 8th (my date) or the 9th (midwife's date) of November but i think a birthday of 10/11/12 would be cool lol!!
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