how many weeks were you when you saw the doctor?

just wondering how many weeks you were when you went to the doctor? Im six weeks next Tuesday but not been yet as Im worried its too early and might tempt fate. can't remember what i did when i was pregnant with dd although i remember i had my first mw booking appointment at eight weeks and i went to the doctor and had a mw phone call ( discussing food to avoid etc) before this.


  • Hi Devon_Mummy

    Congratulations frist of all on joining us! I registered at around 5-6 weeks I think only because I happend to be down at the surgery and the midwife came to see me on Sunday when I was just 9 weeks. I can't believe how much I have forgotten from first time around!

  • Hi, i went on monday at 5 weeks and filled out all of my forms for the midwife, i cant remember for the life of me around what time i was booked in last time though!

    It cant hurt to go and do it though, my Dr said they are trying to do scans earlier now so you never know the earlier you get booked in the earlier you may get one? Or maybe its just my wishful thinking!
  • Thanks guys. I rang the surgery and they said i have to come in and get a midwife pack to fill in and then they dont see you until 10/12 weeks. Seems quite late! Im sure last time the midwife called a few days after the docs appointment and then I had my booking in at eight weeks. Perhaps things have changed in the last two years! Im so impatient!
  • I saw my doc the same day I got my BFP as my OH had an appointment, then had my booking in appointment at 7+4 xx
  • I rung the docs when i found out at 5 weeks, the receptionist said you don't see the doctor, wait til 8 weeks then ring the midwives. She was adamant i shouldn't ring them until 8 weeks. When i went to see the midwife she said i should have rung for an appointment straight away! xxx
  • hmmm well i think ill go get my forms, fill them in and let the midwives decide x
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