Pot belly syndrome!

So, is anyone else popping out of their trousers yet? It is probably because it's my second one as they say your stomach goes very quickly second time around. I am 9 weeks and am now relying on safety pins to hold my work trouser belt together! I feel like people keep staring at my stomach as I have a roll where I never had one before! image and sucking it in doesn't work because that just hurts!

I am definately going to start applying the palmers vitamin E oil asap to stop those stretch marks - it worked the frist time around, I didn't get one and it's much cheaper than bio-oil.


  • No bump yet for me just a super bloat that i cant stop stroking! ha ha

    I'm only 5 weeks though, this will be my second too so hopefully it wont be long til i have a bit more than water/gas there too, Good luck with everything!
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