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Scan date!

Yipee! I got my dates for booking in appointment and scan today. I'm very excited, booking in is on 16th april so 2 weeks today and scan is on 9th may. i hope time flies image

On more of a bad note I'm teething just now with one of my wisdom teeth and it hurts so much and has all swollen up image I went to boots to find out what I could use eg bonjela or something and I'm only able to take paracetamol, booo image

Hope everyone else is well xx


  • Yey for the appointment dates Im very jealous! your gum could be infected around the tooth. I've had this a couple times with my wisdom teeth as when they move they create gum flaps which can harbour bacteria. its really painful. if you go to dentist if can prescribe antibiotics which are pregnancy friendly and clear it up reallyreally quickly x
  • Yay for scan dates - Mine's on 19th April. My midwife is stil on hols so haven't had my booking in appointment yet, maybe next week??

    PP XXX
  • yay! my booking appointment is 11th april then I hould get a scan date through xx
  • My midwife just called - booking in appointment on 12th - the day after you IssyBell.

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