Worst few days of my life.

Well ladies I have just had the most traumatic few days of my life.

Sunday night I went to loo only to have this almight gush of blood (and stuff) come out. I've never seen so much blood. We were on holiday up in the lakes too so no idea where nearest hospital was. Called local dr who managed to get me a scan for Tuesday morning. Didnt much like the idea of hanging around up there and just wanted to come home so called my dr who got me a scan also for Tuesday morning so we came home.

Tuesday morning arrived and i was litterally shaking all the way to hospital, was so scared. I expected the worst because despite having no pain I was convinced that you couldn't lose that much blood and still have a baby in there.

Anyway she did the scan and miraculously our baby is still in there with it's little heart beating away - I've never been more happy or relieved. We're measuring 7 + 3 and now due 18th November. She could see the bleed and said it was inside the womb but outside the sac and said there might be a bit more bleeding to come but really hoping it doesn't, never want to have to go through anything like that ever again.

Hope you are all doing well



  • What a terrible experience, but I am so glad that it's turned out ok. What a shock - be kind to yourself and put your feet up.

    Take good care,

  • Oh hun, what an awful thing to happen, glad everything is ok tho. These babies of ours do like to scare us tho dont they!. Put your feet up and take it easy for the next wee while, Dr told me after a bleed to take it especially easy and definately not to lift even a moderatly heavy shopping bag etc. Hope you are feeling a bit better now though after your scan. Take care.

  • duplicate post.
  • How dreadful! But glad all is ok with little bean. Put your feet up and take it easy. Lots of hugs xxxx
  • so sorry you've had such a horrible few day. sounds exactly what i had with my first pregnancy at ten weeks and i now have a healthy 22 month old daughter x
  • Sorry you've had an awful few days it must have been so scary. So pleased to hear all is ok. We re due on the same day image you take care and relax chick x x x
  • aww hun how awful. So glad everything turned out well.
  • oh hunny, what a nightmare!!! I can't imagine image

    So pleased that everything turned out well in the end, that's such a relief!! are you having any more scans before your 12 weeks one? xxx
  • MrsE you poor thing, what a scary experience! I'm so glad that your baby is fine and the bleed has not to do with baby, make sure you take it easy xx
  • Hi ladies, thank you so much for all your kind words. It's been kind of therapeutic writing it down on here, keep panicking now about every little twinge and niggle, even managed to convince myself that my boobs had shrunk but starting to feel a bit better now and trying to be positive.

    Unfortunately IssyBell22 they said I only need to have another scan if I get any more bleeding so fingers crossed that wont happen but it would be lovely to have another one to put my mind at rest, got my booking in appointment with the midwife on Friday 13th so might try and convince her to send me for another scan.

    Thanks again ladies.

    Hope you are all doing well.

  • take plenty of rest, put your feet up when you can.

    Everyone said to me whilst I was pregnant to put my feet up because once baby is here you can forget it lol, and it's VERY true LOL

    I'm trying to rest with a 17 month old running about - near enough impossible! image

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