After a few weeks of limited movement, baby has been very active today. Ds1 had his hand kicked a few times earlier. The strangest feeling is the hiccups he keeps having! Ds1 had hiccups quite a bit in pg especially in last 10w. Ds2 never had them. Ds3 (that sounds funny lol) seems to have hiccups 5-10 times daily! Must be swallowing his amniotic fluid too fast lol. Is such a strange feeling. Anyone else's baby got hiccups? Xxx


  • Hi Nimmy82,

    Baby hasn't had hiccups yet as far as I know, but it fairly active. However only i can feel the movements still, my hubby wants to, but never can! How many week are you? I'm 22..hoping for stronger movements soon!

  • I am 23+2 today. You can see my belly move when he kicks in right place! Xxx
  • Oh how exciting you can feel and see the baby move from the outside!  I'm 20w and can only feel the movement myself.  Baby was moving around like a mad thing and I put hubby's hand over the movement but he couldn't feel a thing.  They say you can from around 24wks so guess will just have to be patient until around then x

  • I'm the same MrsKH72. I'm 22 weeks and still can only feel the baby move from inside. Hoping another couple of weeks and hubby will feel it too!

  • I am still too early for hiccups, but did have them with dd. I felt Little Bean kick for the first time last night but it was inside.

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