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Hospital Bag

I did spot something on the fb page the other day,

I'm not very organised though, haven't even thought about mine yet, in fact I was all done and dusted with everything set up and ready by about 28 weeks with DD1 and this time I've not bought new matresses yet.

I can't even remeber what I packed in my hospital bag last time, other than lots of muslin squares (another thing I haven't bought yet.) and far too many baby outfit options. I turned up with a huge bag, then got lots of jokes about moving in, although I had a huge fluffy dressing gown that took up most of the space which I did actually make use of and will be taking again.

I think this time it will just be 3/4 sleep suits, a few nappies and a warm coat for baby.

Toiletries, a change of clothes and the dressing gown for me.


  • I had a dream about packing my hospital bag last night lol, how funny!

    Was literally just discussing it with hubby a minute ago and saw your post! must be a sign x

    With DS we had everything ready by now (29 weeks) and this time we have got a whole nursery to do/decorate etc, not bought anything hardly, literally just a couple of hats and a few clothes for when she is 3-6m.

    Must dig out my bag today and get doing my list!!!! not long now xxx




  • I think part of the problem with me is that I have a lot already, I did my lists weeks ago and got so far then stopped. We've ordered the pushchair from mothercare on a payment plan (I had a shock at how much the price of pushchairs has gone up in the past 4 years) we paid about 2 3rds off but cant pay online and but I keep forgetting to go in and pay it so still owe £250 although will probably go and settle it on one go next week. Still need matresses for cot crib and moses basket and I think that'[s pretty much it.

    I've bought a new monitor with sensor pad, and a few bits of clothes also I have bottles and a couple of cartons of formular on standby as I really strugglesd last time with the bf, I'm stocked up on nappies and wipes etc and the nursery is ready, except for putting clothes away because we moved a few weeks ago and decorated then.


     7 1/2 weeks seems ages away still but it'll be here in no time, I really must get myself sorted.

  • I have packed babys bag. Got 4newborn vests and baby grows. Also 3 0~3vests and babygrows. Ds2 never fitted in newborn clothes. About 12 nappies, wipes, muslin squares, cardi, 2 hats, coat, blanket and toweling square as i always seem to get weed on lol! My bag is work in progress, but got pj bottoms x3 (i bled badly last time and had to send hubby home for pjs!) nice big pants x4, vest tops, feeding bra, big pack of maternity pads and few smellies so far. Bought all we need which when 3rd baby wasn't much! Hubby putting cot up either this weekend or next in our room. Then we wait lol! image can't wait now.
  • I havent even thought about it so thanks for the reminder. I was going to do it when I start on maternity leave at 36 wks, but don't know if that is too late.

  • I did first one at 36w and Ds1 arrived bang on 37w when i had only just finished packing. So did Ds2 at 35w. I have just packed bits as i have washed them this time. Aim to be fully packed by 36w tho. Xxx
  • I have done my lists and when my muslins arrive I'll have baby's bag done!


    My bag is a very different story though, I've really strugggled this time and last time with maternity clothes as most shops cater for average size, I'm quite a big girl (18/20) which makes things difficult but I'm also very tall.

    You can get tall maternity clothes if your slim or big maternity clothes if your short, but the combination I'm looking for is like hunting for a needle in a haystack and it costs the earth. Also having huge issues now hunting for PJ's for my hospital bag in at 24 - but in a tall range, LTS have very little choice and next although do upto 24 in the long range (too short) stop at an 18 in the tall - Very helpful - I think NOT!

    Anyway rant over.

    I'm organised to the point I have everything written down, with what I still need to buy highlighted (which is about half of it)

  • I have tentatively started doing my bags today, well baby's one at least. In baby's bag I have 2 vests, 2 short sleeved baby gros and 2 sleep suits plus his coming home outfit. I've put 10 nappies, a packet of wipes (to clean up mess not for baby!), emery boards as someone told me horrible story of nipping their baby's finger and it being written in the notes, hat, socks, mitts, blanket and muslin cloth. I havent packed my bag yet but I've bought a cheap nightie, PJs and dressing gown all from Primark! Then I'll just throw in lots of knickers, a few toiletries, pads. I'm useless and will forget everything but I know the Lister try and hoof you out within a few hours so don't want to take too much anyway xx

  • I've had both bags half packed for weeks, been so bored and was nesting really badly! For baby I have nappies, sensitive wipes, nappy bags, hats, vests, socks, mitts, baby grow options, fluffy blanket, swaddling blanket, teddy bear, a bottle and carton of formula just incase, nappy cream, baby wash, baby towel, pack of nappies. I think that's all. I'm not sure if ill be having a c-section or not so not sure how long I'll be in there. Also live in Dubai so no need for warm clothes!

    In my bag I've got a birthing gown as don't want to wear hospital one, a matching nightie in case of c-section, they need to check stitches, 3 x pjs, 2 x fluffy socks, shower gel and moisturiser travel pack, some make up, lip balm, dry shampoo, nipple cream, nipple shields, night time feeding bras, feeding bras, change of clothes for hubby, flip camera, normal camera, passport, marriage certificate, visa (needed in Dubai) track suit bottoms and top for going home, face cream, breast pads, 3 packs of always night pads as found these were most comfy last time, toothbrushes for hubby and I, toothpaste, witch hazel pads for stitches, a towel, my belly bandit, hair bands, headbands, face wipes and a pack of tissues. Wow, I'm practically moving in lol!

  • Wow - what a bag!

    Does anyone know if the hospital will sterilise dummies?

    I still need to pack a change of clothes and grab the phone charger on the way out the door!

  • As i am being induced my bag has changed slightly. Taking mags and a book. Also snacks and drinks for hubby. Considering taking monopoly lol! Taking before pjs and aft pjs. I could be in 4-6 days depending on how long induction takes! Hubby Will have to keep going home for stuff. Gonna be boring! With other 2 i was fully dilated when got admitted both times and out within 36 hrs! Bit different this time. 7days to go! Xxx
  • Hi Ladies, just to let you know, I panicked about packing my hospital bag and after I had my 3 kids I decided I wanted to help other mums to be and set up where I provide pre-packed hospital bags for pregnant, with 35 items in it.  Not trying to be pushy and sell, but just wanted to let you know if you are stuck you can always have a look at the site or

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