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HI there


how are you doing hun! How have you been getting on with your pregnancy and consultant? Have you reduced or finished taking aspirin now? Have you noticed anything differently as a result?


I am now 34 wks and got a c-section booked for 15th November. I am due to reducce my aspirin next week from 150mg to 75mg and a bit nervous - so would be really good to hear how you are doing with it.


look forward to hearing from you.




  • Hi Susan,

    Sorry - been so hectic with work that I haven't been on the site for a while!

    Doing really well thanks, though babe is still lying transverse grrr.  I've managed to talk the hospital midwives into being able to use the birthing centre rather than the labour ward (more home from home style rather than clinical room) and be able to use their pool for a waterbirth (if available) but all that will go out of the window if I can't get the babe to turn as they will schedule a c-section at 39wks.

    My acupuncturist is using moxi-bustion on some acupuncture points to try and help turn the baby head down (supposedly 85% success rate) and I'm making myself sit on the birthing ball rather than snuggle up on the sofa as I'd rather do - all to try and help with the positioning - goodness knows if they will work.

    As for aspirin - yes, now I've gone down to 75mg.  It did feel strange - and like you, I felt quite nervous doing it.  Taking those little white pills has helped make me feel that everything is going to be ok, so cutting down was hard to do, but I feel no different and I've been on the half dose now for 2 weeks (I'll be 36wks on Friday).  My consultant said that she experienced one of her patients on full dose aspirin through labour and there was a lot of excess bleeding, so am feeling more positive that its the right thing to do.

    Good luck with halving the pills and try not to worry - I really think they know what they're doing.

    All the best hon, xxx

  • thanks for your reply.


    good luck in getting baby to turn around. This happened to me when dd1 and I went swimming every day to see if that would help, but it didn't as baby was still breech. Every option is worth trying to get your baby to turn. I guess for me, I don't want the baby to turn  cos I am having a section and if the baby isn't heads down, it helps me justify to myself and possibly others like my mum why I am having a section.

    I am on half aspirin for 4 days now, and so far so good. Have they said to you when to stop taking aspirin all together? When is your next scan?

    I have got a scan next Thursday, 25th October so looking forward to that. hopefully baby is growing well.

    Keep in touch xx

  • How are you doing hun ?
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