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Baby Name Dilemna

Ok, so we are nearly there. Our decision on a girl name is sorted. We are going with Robyn.

The boys name we are more apprehensive of. The name we have and thought we had finalised on is Ruan.

Now, theres a few issues that are causing us concern. We like the name, but our mothers are quite outspoken, and we worry they will not like the unusualness of it.

The name is Afrikaans, and is their version of the name Rowan. Means "Little Red One".

The other concern is that where we live, this name is unheard of. Nobody else will have it. Nobody else except for the person from whom our knowledge of the name came to be. He's a South African rugby player who plays with our biggest club. (You may know him)

The issue being nearly EVERYBODYS response is going to be "oh, named after the rugby player"?

What do you all think? Should we cut our losses and go for something less unusual or just grin and bare it knowing that we like the name?


  • Hi,

    I love it, I think that its a lovely name and the fact thats its different makes it even better. It doesnt matter where the name has come from as long as you and your partner lover it, what other people think really doesnt matter!

    Neither of our mothers liked the name we chose but once our little boy arrived it was all forgotten and only the other day my mum said to me should couldnt picture calling him anything else!

    Go with what YOU want and dont worry what other people think.


  • I think it's a lovely name and I think it's great that people won't be familiar with it, he won't be in a class with 10 other kids with the same name! I haven't heard of the rugby player so I wouldnt make that assumption. You should go with your hearts, and as for your mothers, they'll get used to it! image xx

  • I love the name too. I like unusual names too. our dd1 had the name Skye which is unusual and our family's reaction was very disappointing. Again we have chosen unusual names this time (Cara and Murray) and am dreading their reaction. But as long as we are happy, that is the main thing. Go for it!

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