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being induced tommorrw

Being induced tomorrow. Have to ring the ward at 8am to find out what time to go in. Very nervous now. But want it over and done with. I can't wait to see my little man and have cuddles! image


  • Good luck hun! Keep us posted if you can! xx

  • best of luck! all so exciting image

    look forward to hearing your updates x


  • Nothing much to report. Came in at 930. Had internal at 11 cervix was normal. Had sweep. Hooked up to monitors and had few contractions. Another internal at 12 and i was 2cm. Went for lunch and having regular contractions. Checked again another internal at 2pm. No change so some gel was inserted. Been on monitor ever since and having regular contractions. Slow slow progress and fed up already! image
  • Hope things are moving along now hun!xx
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