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losing mucus plug

hey girls, after being to the loo i noticed i've lost a bit of jelly (TMI sorry) it was stringy thou, cream/orange colour too, i didn't lose my plug until 40 weeks with DS.  been having cramps, not tightenings i don't think, well i aren't noticing them if i am! i know that when i had dating scan done baby was so curled up and they said they thought i was probably a few days further along (especially since i know when i conceived and ov'd) so a little bit unsure really!!


anyone else had this type of discharge? xxx


  • I've not had anything like this but I think one or two girls on fb have. Sounds like you might see baby sooner than expected?!xx
  • I lost mine the am I had dd, but my friend had a baby recently abs she started to lose hers bit by bit about 3 - 4 weeks in advance of when she went into labour.... I would call your mw and see what she says?
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