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High blood pressure frustration!

I'm 38 weeks now. In the past two weeks every time I've had an appointment, my BP has been high and I've been sent for monitoring and blood tests. I'm just home from my 5th time being monitored. At first there was no protein in urine. Then there has been a small amount lately. Every time though i go and sit in boredom getting monitored, and blood tests come back saying I'm fine and they send me home.

It's so frustrating. They dont really explain why these symptoms exist, and dont tell me anything to do about it except rest. Its like I'm not in ideal health, but not in bad health either. I just want this baby to be born. If I'm 38 weeks, wouldnt they be best just inducing me if theirs even a hint of ill health?


  • Hey, this sounds like me 2 years ago! every appointment with the midwife at home she would send me up to the hospital as my blood pressure would be so high, - one little thing to note is if they use a cuff that is too small for your arm it'll affect your BP result so make sure they are using a cuff the right size image

    I know how frustrating it is to have to go up for monitoring for a couple of hours at a time every week, it seems pointless but suppose they have to do it otherwise they would be failing us image

    Hopefully it won't be too long now before LO arrives! xxx 



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