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Mucous plug....

Hey ladies, Well today I am 37+1 and I've just been to the loo and noticed a lot of mucusy yuk and it's slightly tinged with blood. Could this be it? Could my girl be about to make and appearance? I've had bad pelvis pain the past few days and cramping on and off! Maybe I'm just hoping she is coming!!! Lol Xx


  • oh wow, that sounds like something is going to happen!! especially as it is tinged with blood, they usually say thats a sign labour is about to start, where as a mucous plug alone doesn't mean too much xx I'm 37+1 too!! and having lots of BH, pelvis pain and cramps but nothing happening as yet, fed up now lol xx keep us updated! are you on FB hun? x

  • I will keep you updated, not had much else since, just hope it means something!!!

    I am on Facebook....rebecca base.

  • Think I found you! bloody embarrassing if it's not ha xx

  • Yes you found me!! Haha x
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