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Hi ladies

I have 2 weeks to go until my second child is born and have terrible heartburn, especially at night. Had the worst nights sleep last night as i felt like i was going to be sick all night. Rennies just aren't touching it anymore, does anyone have any other remedies??


  • I feel your pain! I have 2 weeks to go as well and the heartburn returned last week, with a vengeance!!! I took Gaviscon which didn't work then bought the double action tablets which seemed much better (and didn't taste as vile)

  • Mint leaves mixed in hot water!!!!! Or even just eating mint leaves works really well
  • Thank you both. Will give both a try as i'm practically sleeping upright now!!! Also have terrible pain in my groin but guessing that's just something I need to live with for the next few weeks. Good luck Becs. Here's hoping it'll soon be over for both of us, although my first child was 2 weeks late image

    Tracey x

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