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FAO Sian x

Hi Sian Guessing you have your little bundle of joy now ? We used to chat in ttc hope u remember me just wanted to say hi and see how its going xxx


  • I keep checking in too. Hoping for news from any of you! Xxx
  • Hi ladies! I've finally managed to get a few minutes to myself to log on here, I've been dying to update you! Noah arrived on 4th November, he weighed 7lb 8oz. He's gorgeous!

    It was quite a traumatic birth - my waters broke on 2nd Nov but my contractions kept stopping so I was induced by drip on 4th Nov. Noah's heartbeat kept dropping and a blood test showed he was in distress so they attempted to deliver with kiwi cup but failed, so we were taken for an emergency c-sec. I had an arterial bleed so that had to be fixed before they could try to get Noah out. When they finally got to him he'd been pushed down so far into the birth canal during the attempted instrumental delivery that they couldn't get him out through the incision, I had one surgeon pushing him back up and another pulling him out, they swapped positions but still couldn't get him. In the end another surgeon was paged, he made an extra incision and got Noah out. Thank god! It wasn't over though as Noah had to spend a few days on SCBU but we have been home a couple of weeks and settling in well. 

    I've only just started to figure out Noah's routine so I'm really behind and have so much to catch up on here! Noah is suffering quite badly with reflux which makes feeding fun, I have to feed him holding him upright and then hold him upright for half hour after. It's soooo tiring! 

    But I wouldn't change him for the world and I'd go through it all again for him! xxx

  • Sorry for gatecrashing, just wanted to say congratulations Sian image your birth sounds traumatic and stressful but Noah is here safe and sound. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the csection (I had one weigh my ds...agony!!)

    Lovely news xx
  • Congratulations hun. Sounds traumatic but glad all is ok now. Lucas is 9weeks now and a monster. Almost out of 0-3 clothes lol!

    Hope the reflux settles. Congratulations again and enjoy your new little man Xxx
  • Er Lucas is 5weeks! Baby brain strikes again lol! X
  • Big congrats Sian , welcome to the world baby Noah ! Sorry to hear it was such a traumatic birth , it sounds so traumatic for you and Noah ( and hubby too ) so glad ll ok and he s hear now ,isnt being a mummy just the best feeling in.the world ! Im 18 + 4 now with baby 2 xxx
  • Nimmy I was wondering about lucas age when I read your first reply haha! Ah bless, glad he's doing so well! How much does he weigh now? I had Noah weighed on weds (24 days) he weighs 9lb 7oz now image

    Bryony did I miss your bfp announcement? Congratulations! I have a lot of catching up on the ttc thread!

    Mummy060409 I love being a mum, it's amazing! How are things going with your pregnancy? Can't be long til your 20wk scan, are you finding out if you're having a boy or girl?xx
  • Not sure on weight he was weighed at 24days and was 9lb13. Being weighed again at 8weeks. He is 6weeks today. Can't believe how fast its gone! Got Glucose test this week and my 6week check at hospital. Hope all is back to normal now! Are you Bf? Xxx
  • I'm going to get Noah weighed again at 5 weeks-ish as I'm paranoid hehe! Then he'll get weighed again at his 8 week check. I hope all is well with your test and 6 week check this week, what do they do at the 6 week check? I am bf, are you? It's hard work but I love it xx

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