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Whatever happened to lucyloo??

I ws just reading WW's post on the register and realised that lucyloo was on there. She used to post loads...does anyone know where she went?? I cant remember!


  • Aww, Lovely Lucy, she was my bump buddy! Last I heard she was just mega busy, she was becoming a weight watchers rep so think that was taking up her time. Haven't seen her on Facebook for ages, think I'll send her a message and see how she's doing xxx
  • Good question Gemma, been thinking the same.
    She's not been on Facebook for months & months now, I do hope her & Luen are ok.
    Lucy, if you're reading pleeeeeeease come back!!!!!!!!

    MM - let us know if you hear anything hun xx
  • I was thinking the same thing. Didn't she work in a nursery? She always had good advice as she was a bit of a baby pro! Lucy come back whereever you are!!
  • Oh yeah, wow, its been ages hasnt it. Come back lucyloo!! Sx
  • Come back Lucy we miss you
  • Lucy sent me a message, she's been having internet problems since April (for which she's nagging her hubby to fix lol) but all is well with her and Luen. She's working evenings now to, caring for the elderly in their own homes, so sounds like she's a busy lady!

    So just to let you all know she's OK and will try and get back on her soon xxx
  • Ah that's great her & Luen are ok MM. Hope she'll come back soon!! xx
  • Thanks for the update MM, let's hope she keeps on nagging her hubby about the internet!!
  • Aww great news that she is ok, and Luen. Come back soon! xx
  • Hello have justy seen this as yes at last my hubby got the phone and internet fixed yipee!!! Missed coming on here xx
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