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Hi :\)
What are your favourite books to read to LO?

We have lots of the Usborne touchy-feely books which are brilliant and we "read" these a few times a day. She even now knows which parts of the pages are the touchy bits bless her, and she turns the pages over image

For actual reading (bedtime) we have a big book of bedtime stories but we don't really use this yet as it's more for when she's older. So I've got a "Say goodnight to the sleepy animals" book which we love and "Guess how much I love you" but this always chokes me up at the end!!

So just thought it'd be nice for us to share what book's we & LO love image

I've always loved reading, my mum said when I was little my head was always in a book and DD seems to love them too!


  • Seth always wants to turn the pages when i read to him before i get to the end of the page!! We've got loads of touchy feely usbourne books too. Loads of farm animal books (HE WILL LIKE FARM ANIMALS lol)
    I'm also collecting the disney books for him but they are a lil advanced at the mo!!
    We've also got the enid blighton collection but not read that to him yet.
  • Ellie loves her touchy-feely books, we also ahve loads of fairytale books to, but she's not really interested in them, we are collecting the ladybird fairytale collection and the moment.

    Christine xx
  • we have got a book that we read every night called 'Sleepyhead'. He like that and looks at me as i read it. we have got other books to that we look at but i can't really say which is his favourite at the moment. XX
  • Callum's favourite story book is Some Dogs Do - a lovely story about a dog called Sid who can fly! It has really bright pictures too. We have three of the "That's not my..." books and we've just bought a ladybird squeaky book which he likes too.
  • phoebe likes any book she can try and eat! bit of a nightmare reading to her at the moment, everything in the mouth!! a nice thick card one for her to slobber on, and material ones!!

    have bought her the whole mr men and beatirx potter collection, cant wait for her to read those! image

    her christening is soon, and for presents i have asked everyone to buy a book each, should be interesting!! we will have a library! hehe
  • oh, and i CANNOT WAIT to ready her the jolly postman, with the little letters!!! image
  • Dylan's bedroom is like a library! I did my degree in English Lit so love reading and really want Dylan to be able to appreciate books. We love reading Peepo, The Gruffalo (with me doing all the different voices which he loves) and Guess How Much I Love You. He also has a lovely book called I Love You Through and Through which is nice.
    Ooh. Lucy, I'd forgotten about The Jolly Postman (another book to buy and add to his collection!)
    Its nice to hear what everyone else is reading to their little ones.
  • Ooo fab ladies thanks!!!

    Jo - we've got Peepo too, I saw it in Mothercare & memories of my childhood came flooding back (yes, I stood there with tears down my face d'oh!!!) and I just HAD to have it for Ava. I've got Each Peach Pear Plum which is by the same authors/illustrators of Peepo image

    Oh & we've got the very hungry caterpillar! x
  • the very hungry catapliiar is great! image

    i was looking on amazon at childrens books and came across loads that i used to read! the biff and chip books with floppy the dog... ahh memories! lol
  • Hello, I want to share my find with you! Recently, my son and I were looking for new stories for him to read. We wanted something illustrated, colorful, bright and, of course, informative since my son is only 3 years old. And we've found it: "Paulina and Charles the Rabbit". The main heroes are a wonderful little girl and her friend, a rabbit, who quickly grew to be my boy's favorite. These books help kids get into the everyday routine and learn good from bad, all the while retaining the playful mood and never becoming over-the-top serious. He re-reads every book all the time, and this is rare because usually, he quickly gets bored with books after the first read :) 

    So, if you are looking for something new, "Paulina and Charles the Rabbit" is all that you need. I found this series on Amazon.
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