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Diahorrea after injections?

Hi all, Biba had her immunisations yesterday and after a very fractious evening she went to sleep ok and seemed fine first thing. Since about midday she has had 5 dirty nappies whereas she only normally only has one, she has also spent the afternoon having a constant whimper which has now been compounded by the fact that she is very tired.

As she is BF i know it's usual to have loose stools, but i think that this goes a bit beyond that.

Did anyone else have something similar following immunisations or do you think i have cause for concern? Am wondering whether to give her some calpol, but she doesnt have a fever and it caused her to vomit last night - dont want to end up dehydrating her!

Thanks xxx


  • Yes!!!!! DS had his second lot of jabs on wednesday and yesterday had two really bad nappies and today had three!!!! I was wondering if it maybe something to do with his jabs as he normally does one poo a day! He seems ok in himself though and is fine with his bottle so think he's ok, maybe the jabs just upset their tummies a little bit?! xx
  • Logan was the same! For a few days he would wake himself up pooing in the middle of the night which is very unusual.

    Calpol may soothe her a bit - try giving it to her using a syringe though as it goes down a bit easier! I remember giving Logan calpol with the spoon and he choked on it and proper screamed for about 10 minutes!

  • DS has had another runny nappy this morning... He seems ok and is smiley and happy chatting away... This is the third day running now that he's had the runs, do you think I need to be concerned? Hes downing his bottles and I've given him a little bit of cooled boiled water to try help settle his tummy. Fingers crossed it stops soon! xxx
  • My LO is just the same. She had her jabs Thursday and I've just had to bath her following an explosion up her back!!

    She also seems to be very sniffly and coughing a bit. I'm wondering if she's slightly more susceptible to all the colds flying around as she's fighting off the jab effects too?

    Dreading the next set - three next time. Although she never cried having these ones done - I did!! x :lol:
  • Thanks for the reassurance, after all my worrying she has not yet had a dirty nappy today so i hope that it passed.

    Snugglenush thats a really good idea about the calpol, Biba reacts the same way so i may try that if needed next time, and Chikidee she also has developed a cough which has been so bad it has made her sick, but again that has passed, hope your little one picks up soon xx
  • Yup, both my lo's had loose stools after jabs.. With that distinctive diarrhoea stench! It can dehydrate them so be sure to offer cooled, boiled water. Its the inbetween stage that I hate, between the diarrhoea and normal stools where the poop is like honey stuck to her butt-cheeks! Wetwipes galore!! Lol! X x
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