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I just won a pair of babyshow tickets

.... to excel in London, I have never won anything before in my life so very excited!!!

mo can come with me this time as when she booked B'ham last year my dad had booked a holiday that clashed, and she was gutted, so she gets to go this time yay image x


  • YEY for you!! How did you win them?

  • I got an email through from babyexpert and primababy that said that it was the last chance to win the last 5 pairs of tickets just reply to the email with your name and address so i did and i got an email back to say i had won.... i never win anything.... next stop lotteryimage x x
  • wow.....fab !!!!

    I was just thinking about going to the one in Birmingham in May.....Hubby doesn't fancy it but I may just go on my own anyway...well with DS and my hubby's visa !!!!

    That'll teach him !! haha

    DLAM xxxxx
  • ha ha love it!!!!x
  • i would love to go to the babyshow birmingham with my baby who was born at 26 and 6 which we were sent to bradford and had to live there for 12 weeks so we now are struggling to buy tickets and would love to attend the baby was 1lb 4ozs now he is 8lb 6oz and we as a new family would love to let him see and have the best please

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