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Homemade v jars/pouches

This past week I've tried LO with a couple of different things - baby rice (she hated it - I'm not suprised, I tried it - tasted disgusting and reminds me of wall paper paste!) carrots (she loved them) and banana (which did not agree with her butt!)I am planning on making my own baby food as I go along but just bought (out of curiosity to see what she would make of mixed flavours)a pouch of Ella's kitchen - sweet potato, broccoli and carrots, she devoured it and her mouth was still opening after it'd gone! Just got me wondering if everyone else was planning on makeing their own food or using jars/pouches...? x


  • hi....

    my DS hated the baby rice too (it really is horrid) I've started him on Aptamil creamy porridge and he loves it !!!!!

    I've also invested in 4 ice cube trays (cheapie ones from ASDA) and I made some, parsnip/onion/carrot& potato puree and frozen it......I take out a cube and put it in one of his pots ready for the afternoon....

    may cheat with some jars when I'm back at work as I will want some in the cupboard just incase !!!!

    DLAM xxx
  • I make most of my own stuff - using ice cube trays, but do have some pouches as easier when out and about. Took them when we went away too. Logan also devoured the ellas kitchen pouches!

  • Ive made my own purees in flexible ice cube trays so far hes tried pear,apple,sweet potato,green bean and carrot. Hes had plum baby rice that i mix my fruit in2 and is quite nice tasting quite sweet. Also plum baby fruit porrige and bannana porrige.

    Ive also given him a plum baby pouch and an ella's kitchen one today. They are great as they dont contain any rubbish and at the moment the pouches do 3 meals or so and r great to add into baby rice to make it more filling.

    When lo is older on meat etc i'am going to use the pouches at night and do a batch of 7 meals on the weekend for his lunches. Best of both. Although i'am not going to use jars to many fillers etc.

  • Went about 90% homemade 10% pouches and jars with Eoin, then when he hit 8-9mths he more or less ate the same as us, just pureed so only emergency jars!

    However, with Felicity.. I think jars will make an appearance more often because Eoins a handful at the moment making having two HARD work! Lol x x
  • We did the same as palmtree with our first, i made most of her food, i used jars mostly when i was out coz some places can be a bit funny about heating your own food, although as soon as she was old enough she just had what we had. I planning to make most of C's food as well but that depends on my time, the ella pouches look quite good, i dont think ive seen the plum stuff but will have a look.
  • So far i've been making my own, just making it all in batches the day we buy the fruit/veg, freezing it in flexible ice cube trays then put the cubes in freezer bags. He's had apple, pear, sweet potato and carrot and i've got mango, banana, pea and avocado lined up next! I didn't even bother with baby rice though tbh and just started with fruity baby porridge. I think i'll get a few ella's kitchen or plum organic pouches for emergencies. My mum buys them to put with yoghurt for breakfast lol!
  • Lol they taste really nice ived finished some of my lo's off x
  • I just saw your post on here debating making your own food or using a jar or pouch. There is an alternative, of reusable pouches. I believe there is one called "Yummi Pouch." 

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