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Where are we all and where have half of us gone!!

Pressed enter before i entered any text - see below!!


  • I was thinking the other day about how many names we dont see on here any more, does anyone keep in touch with any of their bump buddies that we dont see on here any more - be nice to know how they are getting on.

    Also i know that we did this before very early on in DIO but whereabouts are we all based - i think we have all become a lot more tight knit that we were at the beginning and there are also some names that came on a bit later into it all, if any of us are close by to each other it would be good to be able to organise some sort of meet up as i know ther are loads of you that i would love to be able to sit and have a face to face chat with!

    To start off i am in Chichester in West Sussex

  • 'Ello i'm still here! I still keep in contact with my bump buddies and a few others on here via facebook, it's a shame everyone is so spread out because it would be nice to have a big meet up.

    I'm in Southend, Essex.
  • I'm still here. Also keep in touch with a few people via facebook. I think with people going back to work and our wee ones being much more independnet and demanding now we run out of time!

    I am miles away from you both up in Manchester image

  • I gate crashed BIO as lo was suppose to be born in november.

    Lo made an early apperance. I find it so friendly over here.

    I'm in north wales so far away from you all.

  • Im back at work so do find it hard to get on as much as I used to....gone are the days when DS would be napping and Id be laying on the sofa with BE on my laptop...hehe

    Im friends with snugglenush and Nay-Nay on FB Nay Nay was my bump buddy and we met up (we live 2 hours from each other) back in Feb time....

    I live South its the midlands Im quite close to everyone....hehe


    DS was 7 months old yesterday.....where have that time gone...won't be long before we are waving them off to school...haha
  • Im in Clackmannanshire, Central I the only Scot left?? There was a couple of us way back in the beginning I think!?? Anyway, too far away for a meetup but interesting to read where we are all from again image xx
  • I'm not even back to work yet and I still don't have time to shave my legs properly!!!

    They are sooo demanding at this age, always wanting your attention! Its sooo funny, if I don't play peek a boo with my LO first thing in the morning, he's grumpy all day!

    I'm from Mossley, nr Oldham, Manchester

  • I try to get on here as much as I can but like everyone else it's so hard to find the time between doing everything else - god help me when I'm back to work! I'm in Swansea.x
  • hey im from DIN but imogen was born in oct!

    im in southampton

    not many folk come on here do they image
  • I'm still here - not always able to post but my heart is still here and it's nice to know i can disappear for an age but slot straight back in image

    I'm friends with my 2 BB's on FB (and follow 1 on Twitter - anyone on there?) and also quite a few of the ladies on there. Maybe we should do some friend requesting!

    I'm in S Wales - Cardiff x
  • another scot here bryony! over fife though, i know cant you tell that our lo are keeping us very busy and not allowing anytime to come on and chat! its a shame that the only times we do get to come on are when we have a problem that we need to rant and get advice on!

    need some more happy threads, of funny stories! might go start one, god knows im so tired i could do with a laugh!
  • hi, i get on as much as poss but feel like i just manage to answer a post and lo's shouting, so dont get to have a read at them all,lol.

    Bryony im up in scotland too, we are ayrshire.xx
  • Im still here! Im friends with my lovely bump buddies on facebook, and quite a few other ladies infact image

    Im from Sutton, Surrey x x x
  • I'm here too. It is hard with all the demands right now. Benjamin is seven months and so active. I'm from the United States.
  • Tracy we are really close - I am in Failsworth, nr chadderton.

  • I'm still here but don't get on here much - Poppy seems to get more demanding every day and still won't sleep in her cot during the day so I don't get a break until her bedtime at 7pm and then I'm rushing around sorting dinner, washing, tidying etc etc!! Anyway, I'm from Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire. I was in contact with my bump buddy who doesn't come on here now but I haven't heard from her for ages, might send her an email now while LO is asleep on hubby! I'm friends with a few of you lovely ladies on Facebook, I love seeing all the photos of the adorable bambinos!

  • Hi

    i dont post on here much only twice I think but I like to have a nosy!!

    Sparklyfairy I live quite close to you I live in Newport!
  • If anyone wants to find me on facebook i am Gaynor Smith and just in case there is more than one of me my profile picture is a black and white picture of me and Biba x
  • I still come on sometimes but don't really get chance to post I have a very active 2yr old who shuts the laptop and says bye bye everytime I try and write something :lol:

    I live between Nottingham and Derby
  • What happened to our FB group? x
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