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N shock!

Must be a fluke (fingers crossed it's not) but Will slept from 8pm to 6am, this is the first time he hasn't woken every 2/3 hours for feeding.

So hoping this is the start of something, as 7 months with very little sleep has been taking it's toll.

Just got to crack the bottle/ cup now image

Sorry pointless post but just couldn't believe it!

Oops about the title was suppose to be In shock but couldn't see as on my iPhone image


  • Wow!!! That's amazing, go Will!! We're still every 3 hours, it really does take it's toll after a while, I now understand why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture! Did you do anything differently? My friend just had a baby and is breastfeeding, (I hope I'm remembering right that you're another bf'er), and she was told to eat a bowl of cereal before the last feed as it makes your milk more......nutritious?! (can't quite remember as I'm shattered!!) I've not tried it yet but apparently it helps them sleep longer. Hope that was the first of many good nights for you!

    When I first read the title I thought you were going to be the first bio lady to announce a pregnancy!! image
  • Not a pointless post at all!! That's excellent!! Bet you can't believe your luck!!

    Gives us mummies who are still getting up a bit of hope! Noah's still getting up for bf 3hrly after he goes to bed, it's soooo frustrating!! He's dropped all but his morning and bedtime feeds during the day in the last few wks though so I don't suppose I can have it all!!
  • yaaaaaay, def not a pointless post as you give us all some hope,ha. C has been a little better, she went 3, then 3 then 5 and the night before she did 5 then 5 so im kinda hoping we may get there soon, although fairydust i think i will be trying the cereal, anything that helps and it might help to cut out the evening choco munch,lol.xx
  • yey! It happened to me once - was amazing lol! And I know exactly why he slept through that night but haven't been able to replicate it!!

    The day Logan slept through . . .he went to sleep all on his own in his cot without any help from me (was most unusual) and ever since he has done the complete opposite. Ever since it has taken hours or screaming to get him to sleep. Clearly he was jsut teasing me!

    Here's hoping Will isn't teasing you and it carries on!!

  • oh its defo one for celebrating! after 2 weeks of nightmare 3-5am not sleeping ds slept through the other night i was so happy come morning but i was up again the next night he he ohh well once in a blue moon is good but hope it gets sorted soon,

    hope your lo has finally cracked it for you, what a difference it makes!
  • Differently makes a difference, and really hope it's the start of things to come.

    Afraid I didn't do anything different last night but for the last 3 nights his been in his own cot. After the nightmare with the nursery (still not done as needed a lot more work than we thought etc) and too big for the moses I finally moved my room around to squeeze his cot the other end of ours and it seems to work. After 20 mins the first night then 10 mins the second and less than 5 last night his starting to get the hang of self settling. I been giving him 10 mins in the night before I go to him to see if he wants milk and most times he resettled in a lot less to the point that he only woke once last night at 11 resettle and not a peek till 6. My boobs were the size of melons and very painful but well worth it image.

    Never tried the cereal thing but worth a go if he goes backwards. My hv told me to sit after a feed for a least 10 mins before doing anything as it helps the milk replenish. Not sure how good this advice is as I have s 2 year old as well so rarely get to sit down as you can image image.

    I guess they all do it at their own paces as my eldest was doing 10-12 hours most nights at the age and slowly built up to it and he was ebf till 6 months when I had to combined feed as I went back to work.

    On a different note Will is going to get the tongue tie snipped according to the dr so hopefully that will be my ff issue sorted or there is no returning to work. Actually I might have to lose that appointment and become a sahm image

    Hope everyone's lo start sleeping soon as we all need it
  • Ops sorry didn't realise that was so long :lol:
  • I could have written this myself Jodibump! Isabella also slept through for the first time ever image she was waking anything from 2 - 5 times a night and it definitely takes its toll especially as like you I have a 2yr old to look after. I still woke a couple of times when she stirred and waited for the crying but it didn't come image

    Last night was the first time she slept in a cot as we moved ds in to a 'big boy' bed and brought the cot in to our room she took so long to settle last night but it was definitely worth it! Fingers crossed they both make it 2 in a row xxx

    Also good news about the tongue tie pity it means you have to go back to work though :lol:
  • Thats great! So nice when they do that! Lo sleeps through sometimes 7.30pm-6ish but more often he wakes at 3-4am and will take an hr to go back to sleep. AAAhhh! lol

    How much are ur lo's sleeping in the day. Were still on 3 naps 9.30am 1am and 4.30pm.

  • Will usually has 2 naps, occasionally 3 but if tends to add up to 2/3 hours. Fond this tends to be enough for him.

    Thanks melissajs, good luck for tonight image
  • Thats fab thats it seems to be working, we are also a little more settled, only fed at 11pm and 3am last night so def getting better.xx

    During the day she has 1/2 hour in the morning and then anything from 1/2 hour - 2hours about 2pm.xx
  • Congrats lovely isnt it!

    Well reading your posts i should count myself very lucky (i do anyway) that Harry has been sleeping through since march i think it was, we had around 6 weeks of 7pm-7am, then this went to 6am ish and about 3/4 weeks ago he started to wake anywhere between 2 and 4am, had a growth spurt and only way i could get him back off to sleep was feeding him and he drained his bottles in 2 mins flat.he would only sleep til 5 then after that.after 2 hard weeks he went back through til 5.30ish with no wakes but the past week again he's been at it again, only now hes not hungry just awake, mostly he gets stuck on his front and this disturbs him, then he just moans and moans. tonight i have taken him out of his sleeping bag in the hopes that if his legs are free he can turn back over if he wants to. we have decided if he is just moaning not screaming to just leave him to it as he is getting dependent on us going in and then hes just wide awake- 3.45 this am! went back at 5.15 til 7.45 so managed to get a bit more sleep thankfuly, hopefully tonight will be better wish me luck, really hard not getting sleep after so long, especially as i am very stressed atm with family illness,bereavement, and a feud! Argh! trying to keep smiling tho xxxx sorry for rambling
  • oh yes the getting stuck on the front is a pain in the butt!! always guaranteed to wake them up, this happens to ds all the time, although he can roll back over event when in his sleeping bag, i guess during the night they are just too tired to do so?!!

    well we had 3 good nights of sleeping from 7pm - 3am quick feed and back down again till 730am, and one night of an all nighter, but last night was rubbish up 4 times, and i must admit im being naughty as i was so tired last night, i did pop him on the boobs on 3 of those occasions - it was 3 hours between each time, but i really think i need to stop doing this habbit or we will never progress!

    blooming hubbie, i was really tired and i said look can you not just go see to him please (bearing in mind hubbie has seen to ds during the maybe 3 times since born!!!) and he said no you went to bed at 1030, i went to bed at midnight so youve had more sleep you get up!! well you can imagine my cursing at 5am i dont know how many times i tell him not to stay up watching tv all night so he can get up early and help!
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