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Recipes :)

Hi, has anyone got any good recipes for baby food? image thanks x


  • I have the annabel karmel baby and toddler meal planner book, it's packed with recepies for all stages of weaning and feeding!
  • We have annabel karmel, feeding your baby and toddler, i got it when i had dd1 and wouldnt be without it. The biggest hit so far is:

    Cheesy leek, sweet potato & cauliflower

    Heat 15g butter in a pan and add 25g of leek, saute for 3 mins and add 1 sweet potato (chopped), pour in 225ml of boiling water and cook for 5 mins. Add 75g of cauliflower and cook for another 5 mins. Strain the veg, reserving the cooking liquid. Blend the veg together with 100ml of the cooking liquid and 25g of grated cheese. (i had to use a little more of the cooking liquid to get the right consistency).xx
  • Meant to say on post, if you sign up to annabel karmel's website, its free and there are other receipes on
  • although i love cooking ive not been adventurous with ds meals yet!

    i have found that the hipp organic website has loads of great recipes to get you started for all the different months, going to use the fish and chicken ones next week.

    there is also the below website that has a great forum

    i find it strange cooking with garlic and onion for the lo already!
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