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advice from HV on meal plan

hey ladies, well im trying ot wean ds off my boobies now and spoke to a different health visitor today on how to do so and she gave me yet another meal plan to follow which will cut his milk intake and now im just so confused now.

she said instead of trying to wean onto formula at the 3pm feed just cut that milk out completely, so now she says i should do

7am milk feed

9am breakfast

12 lunch

3pm milk feed

6pm milk feed

(he still wakes in the night too for feeds once or twice)

then next week cut out the 3pm milk feed and give him another meal instead, so said he then only needs the morning and bed milk feed, and will get enough of everything else from the solids and water.

Does this sound right? as bf i have no idea how much he takes in ounces but he is on the 75centile so big boy, hes now 6months 2 weeks old and into week 5 of weaning.

im just so worried he isnt getting enough milk on the aboev plan she mentioned? why are they all so different in their advice eekkk arrrggghhhh - i need to calm down and just go with the flow! :? :?


  • I can't offer any advice as I don't use that routine but I have read some other girls routines on here that consist of morning and night feeds only, just obviously bigger bottles.

    I think one lady was giving her LO 2 x 9oz bottles per day and she said it worked well for her.

    I give Teddy 4 x 7oz bottles per day but this week he seems to be dropping the amount he takes, (he's just over 7 months) so you never know I might be changing our routine soon anyways.

    It's so confusing isn't it! I'm in a confused state about car seats at the moment, but that's another story! :?
  • I'm still bf'ing Noah (despite my best efforts to get him to take formula for the last 3months!) and over the last few weeks he's dropped all but his morning and bedtime feed. I put that down to him eating more solids so it kind of sounds right what hv is telling you.

    I'm kind of concerned about whether he's getting enough milk, although he's still insisting on getting up 3x for feeds once he's gone to bed!!

    He does have full fat milk in his breakfast and also has 2/3 yoghurts a day so he is getting a fair bit of dairy I suppose.

    It's really difficult not knowing how much they're taking in a feed but as long as your lo is putting on weight then I don't think you have anything to worry about. Ds1 stopped having milk completely when he hit 1 as i stopped giving him a bottle and he refused to take it from a cup and despite the guidelines for the amount they still need to have at that age, he's never had any problems.

    It's definitely worth a try as I never saw an end to this breast feeding lark but I can now at least see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel!

    Good luck with it!!
  • Hi we are down to morning, 3pm and nighttime (and during night) and over the next couple of weeks plan to drop the 3pm when she hopefully starts eating bigger portions. I did this after to speaking to my hv, she said i could cut to the 3 feeds and then C would probably just cut the 3pm out herself, she also said if she hadnt cut it by the time i go back to work it wouldnt do any harm for me to cut it.C will be 7 months next week.xx
  • thanks ladies good to hear that it is normall to cut these feeds, always need that reasurrance! as you say they also get milk in cereal / cooking and yogs etc.

    so thats sounds good to work with at the moment, so much for this week of wasting time and money on blooming formula!! but there will be a day that i will have to stop the morning and night feeds so still need to think about how to make that switch!

    kouklamoo hubbie and i were discussing that also the other day, oh big babies eh they are quite expensive at grown out of everything far too quickly!
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