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Goodnight milk?

Does anybody use goodnight milk and would u recommend it having so much trouble with my LO, he is a nightmare at night, Do your LOS sleep though? Any help would be great on what u did to get your LOS sleeping though the night? Thanks x


  • Hi there i signed up to the hipp club and recieved a sachet of good night milk but my lo screamed for 30mins when i tried to put him to bed. I'am unsure whether it was the milk so i havent used it again.

    Ive tried hungry milk at night and it makes no diff.

    My ds is being a pain at night now too i think its teething as hes waking and crying like hes distressed. He woke at 9pm 10pm 3am and 5am last night.

    Might try the milk again but i think it would only work if ur lo is waking coz hes hungry.

  • Logan has JUST started sleeping through. I did give him goodnight milk for a few weeks and it made no difference whatsoever so I wouldn't bother to be honest.

    The real big key to them sleeping through is them learning to fall asleep on their own to be honest so that when they wake at night they can put themselves back to sleep.

  • I second what snugglenush says about self settling! Once we had mastered that G started sleeping through.

    also when we got him to have good sleeps in the day, in his cot we round he slept better a night.

    I've never heard of goodnight milk!

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