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Bouncing/standing.... but only on his toes?

Hi all, not sure if I should be worried about this so thought I'd ask what all your LO's are doing? Jesse is nearly 8 months old, and loves bouncing while standing on our laps, and he stands while he's held under his arms, but he doesn't put his feet flat on the floor while he does this, he does it on tippy toes. Anyone had anything similar? :?


  • Yeah, Ethan does a similar thing, but he doesn't do it all the time. I'm not wooried about it yet, but if you are, maybe have a chat with your HV? They ought to be able to give you some reassurance x
  • Yep, good idea. I literally haven't spoken to a HV since they discharged us after the inital visits!!! So a quick check in with them may not be a bad idea. Thanks. image
  • ds has his feet flat but he sometimes curls his toes, when standing, i guess they are still trying to figure it all out? i just try and gently correct him, not too worried about it at the mo, but if in doubt the HV is always just a call away.
  • I'd not worry they can all go through a stage of ropy toes ds1 started flat then ties then flat with toes curled and he walks and runs perfectly now.

    Ds2 started flat and is onto toes now so looks like he might be following suit image
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