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Chicken Pox.

Hello strangers. Anyone still about?

As the title suggests my little munchin has contracted chicken pox (her first illness). It's so sad to see her less sprightly and sickly.

I was just wondering if anyone else's child from BIO had experienced this? Also wanted to gather any advice in making them more comfortable apart from the usual Calamine lotion etc... (Docs don't prescribe anything.

At least the poor little mite hasn't mastered scratching so as to reduce scarring. She does keep rubbing her head and crying though. Sob for mummy too.

MRS BB & Ava xx


  • still around and sorry no advice either, apart from if she does start scrathing then celotape some scratch mits on! the doctors or pharmacy perscribed anything good for her?
  • Thanks ladies.

    She's had a rotten time of it with spots in her mouth and her groin area. Luckily the worst is over.

    From a sleeping point of view its been a nightmare. She's gone from bewwn 10-11hrs to being up and all night for a week.

    Hope this settles down soon.

    No px from docs. Just patience and vats of coffee for Mummy.

  • hey is she feeling any better? my friend that i met last sat just called to say she has chicken pox, last week when she saw us she thought she had a cold but 2 days later she was covered in spots, i think my ds is ok, he isnt shown any signs yet, what were the first symptoms for you guys?
  • Hey hun.

    Ava had yellow vomit and was generally off food 2 days before the spots came out.

    The docs initially thought she had gastroenteritis (sp?) but the spots came firstly behind th ears and on the face which is common.

    We just thought they were sweat rash or bites. However, the morning after she was covered.

    If your lo does get it, remember to watch out for dehydration.

    There appears to be an epidemic at the moment. Incubation period is up to 21 days so they may not show signs straight away. xxxx
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