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Severe period type pains

Hi all

i am due on 17th Oct and am about 6 weeks and for the past week i have been having major period type cramps it got so bad last night i was doubled over. Has anyone else had this or knows what it is. I am off to drs in a minute but i am soooo worried they will say something is wrong. xxxx


  • I got this with DS terribly, apparently it was 'stretching pains' as uterus goes from size of walnut to a grapfruit by 8 weeks in a first pregnancy (second pregancies it never goes back smaller than orange apparently)

    Is the pain one sided?

    I am sure everything will be fine, maybe get an early scan in a few days for reassurance....

    Let us know how you get along, fingers crossed

  • hi akaladyk

    i went to dr and he was geat he tried to listen to fetal heart rate but he only got very mild one. He reckons the nurse mistakenly told me i was only 5 weeks and he believes i am a bit further on as he can feel my uterus when he examines my stomach got to call midwife tomorro to book my scan as soon as possible.

    thank you so much for ur advice. how long did it last for?? and how did u ease the pains?? xx
  • Hi,

    Just wondered if you had managed to speak to your midwife yet? Hope they have sorted out your scan.

  • Hi Looby

    yeah i have spoken to midwife and i have appointment to see her on monday. Scan date is apparently in the post and they wont tell me date over the phone which is odd.

    Midwife and GP have both said they think i am further gone than originally thought and that the severe pain is my body stretching and a mild UTI. they have just suggested drinking a bit more water and if a hot water bottle helps then to carry on with that. and to only take paracetamol if i really need to.

    Thanks for asking xxx
  • Let us know how you get on on monday then! Good luck.

    I have booked my private scan this morning, but not for another 3 weeks! It seems a long way off at the minute.

  • hi looby. sorry for the delay been a bit forgetful lately.

    i went to midwife on monday and she was lovely she gave me a new mums book which is huge and full of information that is really helpful.

    Stomach cramps have really eased and starting to really enjoy the first trimester.

    i got my scan date but its not for another 4 weeks its at end of march. but turns out my husband may be booking the last 2 weeks off in march so he can come with me. Which is great.

    Still no morning sickness at all but i have heard that it means its a boy but only time will tell.

    Was due to move in april but its been put back til june now which means i can sort out a lot of stuff before then which is quite good!!

    Hope ur pregnancy is going okay so far Looby!! i think we are due on the same day (17th october) xxx
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