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FAO Era9

Hey Chick?

Just wondering how you are getting on and how you are feeling? Didnt want to post in BIS i am sure they will get bored of PG tales soon lol xxx


  • Hey hun

    Not too bad, have been bleeding on and off since Tues. Not had pains though so i'm trying my hardest to ignore it. Its not heavy but traffic light red colour. I'm putting it down to when i would have had my period.

    I told my Mum and she said......"Are you sure your pregnant!?" Bless her....sometimes she doesnt think before she speaks, she didnt mean anything by it, i know!

    How are you now? Have you booked an early scan or waiting for nhs one? Ive not got booking in with mw until im 9+4 (supposed to be 8wks here) so hopefully will make the wait for a scan feel like less time! xxx
  • Oh Era sorry to hear about bleed, has it stopped now? I had one on Fri, had early scan on Fri which shows it is probably cervical like with DS1 so it reassured me a bit.

    Are you going to get an early scan? thinking of you x
  • Yes it seems to have stopped, just brown now and no where near as bad. Dont think im going for early scan unless it starts up again.....then ill mention it to MW on Sunday at appointment and see if she suggests an early scan. Only prob is if we have a scan here between 9-12 weeks as an emergency, we dont get our standard 12 week one. Sounds selfish, but id rather have the 12 week one, you can see more!! But then i suppose i need to know baby is safe! Im just assuming everything is ok and trying my hardest not to worry. Im back at work now so hopefully ill keep myself busy and not think about it!

    LadyK - was your bleed heavy? Sorry if this sounds stupid but what do you mean by cervical bleed? I take it thats different to your period? xxx
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