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Scan Update - with pic!

Hi All,

I had a private scan yesterday to give me a bit of reassurance as a) I've had 3 previous mc's and b) I don't feel pg at all really!!!

It was AMAZING! I was 9+2 and can't believe how much we could see. It looked like a baby with arms and legs and was really moving around.

Hopefully this pic will work:


  • Oh how lovely - I'm 9+5 so it's lovely to see a pic of a baby so similar in development to ours!

    So pleased for you - after your previous mis-carriages you must be absolutely over the moon x
  • wow what an amazing scan pic x x cant wait for my scan now, I was worried that as its at 11+3 that wouldnt be able to see as much but cant wait now x x

    congratulations again lovely x x hopefully you can enjoy the next few weeks instead of worrying x
  • Abs amazing!!!! Ahhh bet your sooo happyimage

    Iv got mine on wednesday, il be 9 weeks then! I'm very worried!! How was you before you went in for scan, iv had recurrent mc too! Xx
  • Oh wow, congratulations! That picture is so clear! I'm having one a t 9+2 (not for another 2 weeks!) so can't wait now.

  • That is fantastic, we have another scan this Friday, when I will be 9+2 so hopefully they will be able to see something as the last 2 scans haven't shown too much. Hoping our bean is just a slow developer.

    It must have been such an amazing feeling. Congrats.
  • that scan pic is so cool. congrats!!! i remember seeing my little one at 6 weeks and all i could see was a heartbeat and then 2 weeks later i could see lots more. it is truely amazing what are bodies can do in such a short space....
  • Congratulations. What a cutie. x
  • Wow, amazing pic. I'm having one next week when I'll be 8+4. It doesn't feel real atthe moment and it's hard to believe anything's actually in there.
  • Fab picture, what a difference 2 weeks can make!! Out of interest did they change your date again?

    I had a bleed on monday and although the baby had a HB they said I was 3 days less than I thought (and like you I know when I ov'd) she did say that early was not possible to give a accurate date x
  • Oh K - didn't know you'd had a bleed. How worrying. Hope you're ok hun.

    On Sat the measurements were spot on for my ov date. But at last scan I KNEW (!) I was 7 weeks and they put me at about 7+2/7+3. But I ignored that as I know they can't be that accurate this early.

    I had even more early scans with B and all but 1 different to my ov date. Baby is so teeny this early on it's impossible for them to be that exact and also, you could have a scan tomor and find it's had a massive growth spurt and they date you ahead of your ov date.

  • Ah....thats such a clear pic. Really puts things into reality when you see scan pictures!!

    Glad all went well xxxx
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