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Scan tomorrow!

Hi ladies,

Well, the spotting hasn't stopped, so i rang the GP this morning. He squeezed me in for an emergency appointment. He had a feel of my tummy and said he doesn't think its ectopic (phew) but that as i'm now 7 weeks and have had 2 bleeds, he's arranged an early scan at EPU for me. So off there tomorrow at 12. Hope it is all ok.

Has anyone had anything like this happen to them?

Doctor has told me to have a rest day today, so sat on the sofa watching rubbish daytime tv now.



  • Hi lobby

    Hope everything goes well tommorrow iv got everything crossed for you!! Iv had lots of bleeds and Baby ok so far;) iv got a scan too on wed xxx
  • Good luck for tomorrow!

  • good luck hun. hope all goes well, let us know how u get on!!!
  • Just wanted to wish you well for tomorrow x
  • Thanks ladies. Going to have the longest night ever tonight i guess.

    Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

  • good luck for tommorrow hope everything goes well image
  • Thanks ladies.

    Spotting is still happening, so thats 6 days now, and i think its worse today than before. Cramps are coming and going too image I'm on serious knicker watch today, and counting down until 12.

    So want everything to be ok, but i can't get any PMA at all.

    Will be back later, hopefully with a pic.

  • any news yet hun?
  • Hi,

    They couldn't see anything on the scan :cry: Because the pg test i did there was faint (i had been to the loo 20 minutes before taking it) and the CBD last saturday only said 2-3 they said it could be that its just too early, and if it was, wouldn't even see anything on the internal scan so didn't do one.

    I've had a blood test and will have another on thursday to check hcg levels, and will have the results thursday afternoon.

    Will probably stay away for a couple of days until i know whats going on.

    Hope you're all ok, and your pregnancies are treating you well.

  • Oh Looby i am sending all my positive vibes your way, Big Hug x
  • Oh hunny sorry u did not get any good news today, I am sure everything is fine, I will be keeping everything crossed for u for this week xx
  • oh looby, i have my fingers crossed everthing is ok hun, just remember whenever u feel like coming back were here for u.

    sending u BIG hugs and sticky babydust to u xxxx
  • Iv got everything crossed for you Hun, you must be really anxious, I can't understand why they didn't do an internal, I had a scan at 5+6 (internal) as ultrasound would of been too early they pick up more on internal I thought. At least you would of known then!

    Try and stay positive xxxxxx
  • Lots of positivity coming over from me to you-I really hope everything turns out perfectly for you.

    Big hugs!

  • So sorry today didn't go well. Got everything crossed for you that the blood test results are good and you get to see a little beanie soon.

  • Thanks for your kind words ladies. Bad news again though i'm afraid. Think i'm losing our pip. Now more than spotting and its turned red, and cramps are quite a bit worse and pretty constant too.

    Will update again tomorrow when i get the results from the hospital.

  • Sending u big hugs! Remember there have been lots of girls that have had bright red bleeds and everything has been fine so as hard as it is try not to lose hope yet, I am keeping everything crossed for u for tomorrow xx
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